Our house has taken on the look of moving.  A few storage boxes piled here…a heap of things to sell there…packaging and lists….

We don’t have a date set, yet.  In fact, we don’t have a house or a job.  We’re moving forward in faith (or naivety–you decide ;) ).  

Steve is lining up a few houses to look at this weekend.  We had taken a trip down a few weeks ago, and came back a little discouraged about the prospects.  I don’t mind living in a shack (it’s kind of what I was expecting), but we do need to consider safety issues as well.  The staff at the City of Refuge gave Steve a list of communities that would be good places for us to look into.  With that in mind, he’s been scoping things out online, and wants to visit in person this weekend.   Earlier we had thought we might buy a foreclosure or very cheap fixer-upper.  Now we’re thinking we’re probably better off just renting for now and looking at both houses and apartments.  Depending on how things go, maybe we can look at buying later.

If you have rented out a place or been renters, what should we be aware of when we investigate?  

Steve is also hoping to make a few more contacts for job options.  At this point he is looking at wallpaper hanging which he had done with his dad for 15 or so years.  It would be ideal in that he could set his own hours.  His first volunteering at the mission will be serving meals at the mission twice a week at noon, once Wednesday evening at 5:30 and Sunday mornings.  Because of this schedule, he’ll need to have a flexibility that would be hard to find in a lot of jobs.  He is open to suggestions, so if you think of some creative options, let us know.  

so ….



what else?

Oh, well, we haven’t decided, yet, what to do with our storage.  I guess we’ll have to rent a little spot while we’re gone.  

Also, we are looking for a little place to stay when we come back for occasional weekends.  A small guest quarters in a basement or apartment would be especially nice, so we could have our own space.

Those are the few, yet major decisions that we’re thinking and thinking and talking and praying about.


5 thoughts on “…Decisions…”

  1. Your predicaments sound so much like our own. How well I can relate to looking for a place to live in a strange city, needing to store our things somewhere, and wanting a place to stay when you come back to visit!

    When we moved to Ireland last year, we loaned out most of our furniture (we didn’t own much b/c we borrowed some when we got married) to a single girl in our church who was setting up housekeeping. It’s perfect for us and her, because she gets furniture and we know it won’t be roughed up. The rest of our things we stored in a friend’s upstairs spare room. That’s also perfect because it’s a temperature-controlled, rent free space.

    One thing I learned while apartment hunting, which I’m sure you know, is don’t rent anything sight unseen. We had considered doing that, but I’m so glad we didn’t. Pictures can hide so much. Something I really wished I had done before we signed a lease was closed the windows in the apartment for a while to see what it smelled like. All the places we looked at had their windows strategically propped open to let fresh air in, and we never noticed a bad smell coming up from behind the fridge in our apartment until we’d signed the lease. If you’re looking at apartments, it’s a good idea to talk to other tenants in the building if possible, to see how satisfied they are with the landlord, are the neighbors noisy, etc.
    BEST WISHES to you and your family, Christy. I hope you’re able to find a suitable place to live without too much stress and delay. God bless.

    1. Thanks for the tips. I can tell you know what you’re talking about. It’ll be really nice to have other city-dwellers I know, so I can ask you how-to questions. :) I’m sure there will be plenty. C.

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