Housing II

Christy and I went to Atlanta yesterday for round two of our house-hunting.  We left thinking we had narrowed our choices to three places.  By mid-morning we weren’t sure if we had any choices left because of some things we were uncomfortable with .  We ended up looking at three other places as well.  One we became really excited about, and the other two have some possibilities.  Christy wrote a list for each of the houses, listing the positives and negatives of each.  Here’s the list.

House 1  Olympian Way  3 BR   2 Bath

6 month available  10-15 min. to mission


size and number of rooms


has back yard

nice front porch

reasonable amount of closet space

includes all appliances


neighbors/under-fed, fierce, constantly barking dogs

reportedly (by a neighbor)  “slimey” owner

no light fixtures

closets are cramped, not really finished

some fencing needed

Porch needs to be fixed


very concerned about neighborhood and homeowner

price is high for what it offers

(no pictures)

House 2 Parsons Place (next to school)  3 BR  1 Bath

6 month availability  5 min. to mission


seemingly quiet neighborhood

low rent

nice front porch

okay back yard

3 bedrooms

[rickety] outdoor storage

basement w/ concrete for storage



very tight size-wise

Extra BR is up front

Filthy inside, Trashy outside

Kitchen sink sagging, obvious water damage under sink

no washer and dryer hook-up


Negative feelings because of smoke, no washer/dryer hook-up, and small size

(no pictures)

House 3: Stokes Avenue  3 BR  2 Bath

might require 12 mo. lease  12 min. to mission


Best neighborhood (people cut their grass!!!!)

Nice front porch


LR, DR, 3 spacious bedrooms, 2 Baths, great kitchen, large laundry room with room for growing things

Nice layout

Back yard

lots of windows and natural light

Nice amount of closet space



price is high

no outdoor storage

probably not as energy efficient because of older windows

possibly no option for 6 months


“Dear God, please say, ‘yes.’”

House 4: Dosoto  2 BR  1 Bath

6 mo. lease available  10 min. to mission


DR and LR, nice kitchen

some storage

concrete floor in basement

private, fenced in back yard

overall appearance is nice

decent neighborhood (we think/hope)

1 min. from a nice park

good place for storing a trailer if needed


price per size

only 2 BR

not very energy efficient

OVERALL Impression:


not our first pick, but a good option

Some pretty charming features. :)  -c

House 5: Sciple  3 BR  2 Bath

6 month available  2 min. to mission


Nice size

Best remodel/energy efficient of any we saw

Nice kitchen and appliances

Best closets–space and Closet Made shelving

Spacious back yard

Proximity to mission


Safety pretty questionable

Loud, busy, trashy neighborhood

a lot of foot traffic through the abandoned, adjacent property

OVERALL impression:

Really like the house, but huge concerns about neighborhood

House 6: Spencer  3 BR, 1 Bath

6 mo  5 min. to mission


okay/nice as far as size, layout and remodel

Quiet neighborhood



Basically no yard

Overall impression:

nice house, but not willing to live w/ the smoke smell.


3 is our first pick.  Our only concern is the price.  4 and 5 are a toss up.

We left with the three houses listed above as our likely choices.  We are now trying to balance what we would like, what we can afford, and what is reasonably safe for our family.  Please pray with us that we would make a decision based on what is important to God, and that we would have the discernment to know.


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