Sunday Zachary went “on the feed” (street feeding for the homeless) with Steve.  On the way over, Steve was explaining to him that Jesus wants us to show love to everyone, and that he asked us to care for the hungry.  

While they were serving, Zachary handed out plasticware…and the people loved it!  At the end, Steve was talking to some of the guys for quite a while and it got pretty hot and wearisome for Zachary.  When they got back into the vehicle, Zachary sighed loudly and said, “God has HARD work for me to do!”


2 thoughts on “Quotable”

  1. That’s cute! (: So neat that he can get in on it. I’m sure it will make an impact on him and bless the people, too.
    By the way, thanks SO much for leaving that lovely push toy (think popcorn popper) at the house. My children quickly adopted it, along with a drum, and gave it a home. It has such a melodious ring to it, I’m sure you’ll agree. :D
    Hope you’re workshops go well this weekend! Guess maybe I’ll see you tomorrow a bit.

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