Back to the Washboard–Almost

1 day without a refrigerator, microwave, or dishwasher

2 days without a water heater

7 days without a bed for the boys

(We reinflated the air matress before every bedtime)

8 days without a washer (yes, we were nearly out of clothes to wear–hadn’t washed just before we moved, either.)

10 days without a dryer or stove/oven (yes, I was almost out of microwave/crockpot menu ideas)

12 days without internet access at home.

Hopefully soon I can write numbers next to days without a sofa, mailbox (mail not delivered unless we’re in the yard to collect it), garbage pick-up, mower, and a second vehicle.  They will come.  The first few weeks (hmmm, have we not even lived here for two weeks?  Okay, well, then, the first few days….) it was easier to make do without.  Now we’ve lived here almost two weeks and it’s harder not to demand that they should be here.

This is my clothesline:

I am so happy that I can hang my laundry outside.  I love the smell of line-dried laundry and the stain-reduction power of sunshine.  I love saving energy.

Zachary has a few lines where he can hang socks and wash clothes.  It’s a great job for him–keeps him busy, and makes him feel like like he’s contributing to the family.  Plus I need every inch of line space to get a load out. :)


4 thoughts on “Back to the Washboard–Almost”

  1. Christy~good to see how ya’ll are living =) Hoping your days are filled with “sonshine”, too! =) Love ya’ll!

  2. Oh my…you have been roughing it. I hope the rest of “mod cons” come soon.

    Your wash line makes me smile. Just now I hauled our dryer rack outside just below our living room window (we live on the first floor of an apartment complex) to let my laundry get some sun and air. If I leave it inside, clothes can take up to three days to dry in this damp Irish climate. It’ll be better once our heat is on and we have a dehumidifier, but until then…frustration. I keep glancing outside to make sure nothing has fallen off and that no one has snitched our underwear.

    1. I thought about you when i was hanging out laundry. :) I am sooooo thankful to be in a hot dry climate. part of the line is in the shade and it reminded me of the problems I’d have with stinky, wet clothes if it weren’t for the climate…and this lets me do several loads a day.

  3. It was so good to be there and to see the clothesline. Way to go Zachary! I hope the rest of your things line up in time. I think of you a lot and bless you for what you are doing. Mom and Grammie

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