Feed the Children

Wednesday we helped with a “Feed our Cities” project.  Pepsi/Frito Lay/Quaker donates tons of food every year to help feed the hungry across the nation.  We served 1700 people yesterday.  People (homeless, poverty) walked in or drove in and someone loaded them up.  They got 3 boxes of food–rice, pasta, canned vegetables, paper towels–and personal items, a big bag of indiv. chip bags, soda, and something else.  It was lots of food, and of what I saw GOOD stuff!  I was wishing we could’ve gotten some. :)  Steve and I helped pass out Bibles and children’s Bible story books to people.  We also chatted with them a little and prayed for them if they wanted us to.  Some of the people who drove in had vehicles that were almost falling apart and other vehicles were nicer than ours.  There were lots of families with children.  There were people there who tried to get everything they could, but so, so many faces who were beaming with happiness over the gift.  I’ll post pictures on the blog sometime.  We made a few contacts–a lady with children the same ages as ours and other people in ministry.  Steve talked with a guy who works at a drug rehab facility who has an amazing recovery story himself.

[the drive-through loading station.]

Later in the afternoon, people waited an hour to drive to this spot.


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  1. Steve and Christy,
    I want to commend y’all for what y’all are doing and the faith you are exhibiting. That puts a whole new spin on faith and practical outworking. And it’s so neat that the boys get to see this in the form of ministry. That picture of Z. is really cute.

    We’re only an hour (give or take a few minutes) away, and I’d love to come see the mission sometime.

    Keep writing… I enjoy the posts.


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