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Sometime I’ll give you a tour of the house.



So part of our leap of faith was that we moved without a promise of a job or financial support.  We felt very strongly that since God had called us to this work, He would provide for us.

Steve was hoping to either finish out storage barns for offices or guest quarters, or to hang wall paper.  Neither job would require a huge start-up cost because he was already partially stocked with the tools for the job.  A main benefit was that they would allow him the flexibility he needs to serve at City of Refuge.  While we were looking for houses, he would also leave business cards at paint stores.  People told him there was still a significant market for wallpaper, but he didn’t get any calls about work.

Then after we moved, he spent two days contacting more Sherwin Williams as well as three interior designers and leaving his card.  Two days later, he got his first request for an estimate and booked a job.  The next evening he got asked to wallpaper an Arby’s that night.  That contractor is hoping to have Steve do more work for him in the future, which would be great!  Two other small residential jobs have come in.

So far he has had two days of work since we’re in Atlanta, but this coming week he has work every day.  The exciting thing to me is that all the jobs so far have come from stores he contacted after we moved.  It is like God was saying, “Yes, dear, I’ll bring jobs once it’s time.”

At this point it looks hopeful that he will have more work.  It probably won’t be steady for awhile, but it is some.  So far the lack of work (income) itself hasn’t been too stressful…I keep thinking, “I know God will provide.”  At the same time, I do everything I can to save money and struggle with not being grouchy at my family when they waste money in little ways like letting the water run or buying things I don’t think are necessary.  I know this is really a sign that in my heart I’m not completely trusting that God will provide for us. : (

I want to learn to do my part by living frugally, but also live in freedom, not stinginess.


Steve helps twice a week with serving meals out in the streets (going on a feed).  The meals are cooked in the 180° Kitchen, then taken out to regular spots where homeless men and women come to be fed.  Often the meal will be rice, BBQ, baked beans, and salad served with a bag of chips and cookies and a drink.  Once everyone is served, people are welcome to come back for another serving until the food is gone.  While serving and while people are eating, the servers also spend time talking with the people.  Building relationships is a huge focus.  The group of people who come to eat may be anywhere from 30 toward the beginning of the month, to 150 on a Sunday morning at the end of the month.

Steve is enjoying the ministry as well as the interaction with the other regulars who serve.

Steve hopes to spend one full day (or more if income would allow) at the mission doing whatever jobs they have for him to do.  This could involve anything from tutoring to food distribution, but is still undecided at this point.

There are quite a lot of ways I would love to be involved at the mission.  The questions for me are how much and when and how should this work with children?  My heart is most pulled to the women who are staying at City of Refuge.


Another thing we really haven’t figured out, yet.  City of Refuge has started having their church service Saturday evening instead of Sunday mornings.  This frees us up to also visit another church on Sunday sometimes.  Steve and Zachary both serve Sunday mornings and get back around 10:30.  We have hardly been around for weekends since we’ve moved.  We expect to travel to a Mennonite church occasionally.

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