Gifts from Above


After more than six weeks of summer sunshine and dry earth, nothing is as welcome as water from the sky.

The smell.

The taste.

The pitter-patter.


I thought the neighbors might think we were slightly crazy, but

I’m not sure that I cared too much. :)


Because summer rains are made to be enjoyed.

I didn’t even mind the wetness being dragged inside.

Especially after Zachary mopped it up on his own initiative.

What I didn’t think about was people who don’t have homes to go into once they’re ready to dry off.  As much fun as it is to get wet, it always feels good to get cleaned up.  Throughout the day it poured or drizzled.  Steve got home from the feeding that night with something amazing.  When they go out to the streets to feed, they park their trucks and set up a table right there on the street; there is no shelter.  As they were leaving, he asked Bob what they do when it rains. Bob’s reply?

In fourteen years, it has never rained on them.  It was true again that night.  It was raining when they left the mission, but just as they got there the rains stopped.  The sprinkles started as they finished up at the first location and stopped again just as they were ready to do the next feeding!

Does God care about the poor or what?!

Psalm 69:33 For the ears of the Lord are open to the poor



9 thoughts on “Gifts from Above”

  1. Just recently heard that you moved to Atlanta…bless you! And by the way….I’m reading and LOVING your book!

  2. God bless you all richly!!! you all are His hands and feet in Atlanta. My sis in law Rachel Stoltzfus gave me the book you wrote to read (fine book) and told me a bit about your time with her here in Lanc. pa, so i hunted u n your sis up in blog world and have been enjoying your writing and thoughts for a few weeks now! I am blessed by you in your faithfulness. Quick question-hubs and i are planning a few days in Atlanta after a funeral in NC on fri. and was just curious if there are some “must-see” places in the city that you would mind telling me of? Sorry to bother you-if its a pain just disregard. Thanks-Lena Stoltzfus

    1. Hey, Lena. I enjoyed meeting Rachel this summer! Thanks for your encouragement…

      About Atlanta: We haven’t been here all that long, but a few places that are visited a lot are
      –The Coca-Cola Museum (would love to go ’cause I’ve heard it’s great and I’m a big Coke fan. At the end of the tour you get to taste Coke as it’s made in lots of places around the world.)
      –The aquarium is, I think, the largest in the world
      –Underground Atlanta Personally, I don’t think this is the coolest ever, but it’s sort of a cultural experience–especially driving into the area. i just want to stare. :) What I LOVE is close to there is a park where there are always people out playing chess. Anyone who wants to can play, you just wait for a turn and play with whoever. Very fascinating, and again, a cultural experience.
      –Right across from the Coke Museum is the Centennial Olympic Park. It’s a nice park, and has really cool fountains and a great play area. (Or wait, did you say it’s just you and your husband? Probably not need swings and slides :) ) If you’ve seen any of my park pictures, they were taken there.
      –Ikea :) :)

      –Peasant Bistro ( is a place I thought would be really nice for a date. There are some other cool looking restaurants right around the corner. (This is also in the Centennial Park area)

      Also, Peachtree Street has REALLY nice looking eating places, I think.

      Those are the main things I can think of right now. I’m sure there are a lot we haven’t found, yet. I don’t mind answering other questions if you have them. And I could also put you in touch with people who know the area better.

      If you need a tour guide, let us know. :) And if you want to stop by for a meal, coffee, or just to say, hey, we’d love to have you!

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