One of Those Moms

Our family loves bookstores.  LOVES them.  [in June, on vacation.  take me back, please.]



Normally, I’m the really involved mom.  The one who reads to her child and makes him return all the books to their spots.  The one who sits by the train table and makes sure that her child is sharing [even if it was yours who was grabbing].  The one who reads another story and smiles at your child and lets her see the pictures, too.




But ONE DAY after WEEKS of not having a vehicle during the day, I had a CAR to drive ANYWHERE I decided to go!  And I became one of THOSE moms.  The one who takes her children to the bookstore, feeds the toddler unlimited snacks and occasionally squints up from her magazine to see if her son is still enjoying the story YOU are reading.

[Oct, 2010]


Ahhh, it was blissful. ;)


4 thoughts on “One of Those Moms”

  1. This makes me chuckle, Christy.
    I hear you being the good mom….even when it IS someone else reading the story.

  2. what a fun post!!! glad you got to enjoy a day away. heard you met my sis-in-law (Lena)at the bookstore over the weekend. small world!?!?

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