City-living Perks

There are some very cool things about living in a city.
1. Saying, “I’m going to run over to IKEA,” in the same casual way I used to say, “I’m going to run out to Wal*Mart.”
(same casualness, maybe, but with a whole lot more joy.)

A fabulous place for inspiration

Aren’t these play things AWESOME for a boys’ room?  They are going in my dream folder.

I would like one room with lots of white, accents in this color and pops of orange.

I was looking at these lamps (above and below) debating which to get for our living room I was tickled that they were $15-20 instead of $50+ like most floor lamps.  When I got to the Last Chance section they had one of the lamps (below) for $15 because it had been a floor model.  I was so pleased to save $5 that I bought it.  I have major, major, major commitment issues when it comes to buying decor that’s more than $5.  I was pretty pleased with myself for actually making a purchase until I got home.  Our walls are tan.  Our trim is tan.  Now we have a tan lamp.  I can’t take it back because it was in the As Is department. Anyone need a lamp?

2. An awesome Goodwill 5 minutes from my house.  Yesterday I saw
–an adorable skirt by Ralph Lauren–cream with 3 small ruffles around the bottom, and
–the perfect, Mennonite, ankle-length denim skirt in great condition…both for a little over $5, neither my size

Two pairs of shoes with the price stickers still in them

These are size 12.5.  I love this color.

A Boon Frog Pod for $3

A Bumbo seat with some stains for $4

Lots more…I wish I could shop for other people ’cause it’s really hard to leave these good deals at the store.

3. FREE pass to the zoo!
Yes, that’s right. I found a blog–that tells you about freebies or great deals around the city.  This week I found out that all the libraries in our county have one free pass for up to four people to the Atlanta zoo.  With tickets normally priced at $10, this is a huge savings!   I think that this is not a promotional, but is available all the time.  If that’s true, we’re going to be doing this a lot–after it warms up, that is.

Steve doesn’t have work right now.  The other day he went to look up a homeless guy he’d met at a park last weekend.  While he was gone, he dropped off the boys and I at the zoo.  We saw about ten animals–most of them were not on exhibit because it was too cold in the mornings and they didn’t let them out until noon.  But that’s the good thing about having a four year old.  As long as I stayed excited about what we might see next, he never got tired of walking from one empty exhibit to the next. Ian hunkered down in the stroller and was happy there most of the time.

These little guys cracked us up.  Zachary said, “Look!  They’re standing [posing] for a wedding.”

We spent the most time petting goats.  Think that’s a sign you’re raising city-slicker boys, huh? They have a nice playground, too, where we hung out till Steve was done.

I always thought these were rather chud.  I was wrong.  They are SO COOL.  LOOK!  He’s a lion!

Sitting a spell.

(Yes, it was wear-blah-boring-colors day with our family)
Ian’s shoes are a gift from God.  I probably wouldn’t have picked the style normally, but I knew the minute I spied them that they were for Ian.  He was out of shoes except for one pair that had paint on them from when Zachary wore them.  The next pair of Zachary’s old shoes is still too big.  I had been looking at shoes and even Wal*Mart’s new shoes are $12-15 which I did not want to spend right now.  Then I saw these clearanced and there was one pair exactly his size!  I was happy, too, ’cause they’ll have to work for dress–not that we really dress up at our church–and play, and these will work for that.

4.  Living within 10 minutes of several libraries and Barnes and Noble and great parks.
free entertainment at its best.

5. Out-of-the norm friendships.

Zachary really misses his little friends.  I feel sorry for him because he hardly gets any interaction with other children.  The one good thing is that he makes friends with anyone because he’s so ready for playmates.  Age makes no difference–

[They were playing a little rescue game.  Zachary would start going down then yell for help.  The girl would come pull him to the top then they’d hold hands and slide down together.]

6. Yummy Food options.
This is a problem almost as much as an advantage.  It’s hard not to stop when there’s so much so close.  On our way home from the airport back in October, we stopped at a Mexican restaurant and used birthday money Steve’s sister had given us.  It was delicious!

Any questions about whether we like Mexican?


6 thoughts on “City-living Perks”

  1. I can relate to almost every single one of these. We love living in Lancaster City…although there are quite a few people that feel kind of sorry for us. :)

  2. You can also ask if they have any vouchers. Our MOPS has lots and ladies don’t use them!? The way it works is local churches, buisnesses or persons can sponsor a mom for the season, basically it’s giving a $$ pass! :) You can also go as a visitor, chances are someone lives near you or a mentor mom may work something out with you for a ride. – Jan

  3. You could look online for a local MOPS group. I drive an hour to mine, but it’s worth it and the kids love their moppets group. This spring Mom met me up there and we shopped our way home, goodwill and such. Any way we tried to find it with our GPS with no success, someday I’m going to have to get directions from you to get there. I’m going to check into the zoo pass from our library. I know sometimes they give passes to the state parks any where in GA. – Jan

    1. Once we have a second vehicle, I’d like to check into MOPS! I also found a forum for women from Atlanta. I’m excited about it because there are lots of recommendations and review for anything from doctors to stores to parks, and relationships of course.

  4. I can relate to number one; believe it or not, Dublin has an Ikea but no Walmart. I think I’d take the Walmart over the Ikea, sadly. I had no idea I’d ever miss a superstore so badly.

    I can also relate to number five. Are there play groups in the area that you could attend? For some reason they’re popular here. I could take Bronwyn to different play groups, all within fifteen minutes’ walk, three or four days out of the week if I wanted to (I don’t…but once a week is nice).

    1. Yes, I can imagine I’d miss a superstore a lot, too! Looking for a play group is a very good idea. I know they are popular here, too. I’m not sure if I’d be able to find something here in this part of town, but I’m going to look into it. Thanks for the suggestion!

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