Supper on the Street

Stopping on the way to the mission to give a ride to one of the regular servers

Before heading out to the street, everyone gathers for prayer.  The pick-up is loaded with supper supplies–table and food.  The bus brought in a load of volunteers, so there is a much larger group than normal.  This was just before Christmas when there is an abundance of giving and volunteering.   Point to consider–why do we give and give in December, but not the rest of the year?  In January and February people are just as cold and hungry.

Waiting their turn for supper.

“Lord bless our friends as we dine together.”

This was taken when seconds were being served, so the salad and sides were gone.  The serving sizes are big enough to feed our whole family.  Since not everyone gets a meal as often as we do, they can eat two or more platefuls when there is enough food.

Building relationships–sharing Jesus–is the most important part of feeding on the streets.