On Grace

He touches their heart, Zachary does, like few other things in their life.  He’s a little boy, and there is something about him they don’t get to see so often anymore.

He represents innocence.

Choices, dreams, the beginning of a life.


There’s something else, too.  It’s his smile and the way he looks into their eyes.  He reaches out to touch their hand without a speck of judgement.  He doesn’t seem to notice that they’re missing teeth, a shower, and a lot of their dignity.  If he does, it doesn’t change anything about the way he loves them. It’s something they don’t get to feel so often anymore.

He pretends to be a tiger; they pretend to be afraid.  They remember a time when they were small–when life was different than it is now.

He gives them a gift of happiness, and a little heart thump they haven’t felt for awhile.  One of them reaches into his pocket.  He finds a crumpled dollar and hands it to the little boy who gives him that smile in return.

Several nights later the boy and his mama take a trip to Target.  The dollar goes with them–now tucked securely into Zachary’s pocket.  Just inside the door he spots an airplane, and there is not a second of hesitation.  He knows this is what he wants.

It doesn’t matter a bit that the airplane is not in perfect condition.  It might have nicks in the  paint and be broken into two pieces, but it’s an airplane and his daddy can fix it.   His confidence convicts me.

I, too, have a Father who can mend.  I long for my son’s eyes of grace to see only the person and not the flaws, and his heart of faith to love the broken knowing my Father will redeem.

He that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new Revelation 21:5


4 thoughts on “On Grace”

  1. Christy, love this! Ed & I were greatly challenged over the Christmas holiday, too, w/ Cody & Cheyenne’s acceptance of a homeless man we had at our house. Ed brought him Christmas Eve, and he spent the night here in our camper. But, the way Cody sang to Starla around him, and Cody & Cheyenne played w/ him was totally inspiring! =) We said if anyone can reach him, it may be our children!

  2. Beautiful, heart-touching post, Christy. It’s amazing how God uses children to reach the hearts of those who seem unreachable. Blessings to you & your family!

  3. The one attitude or characteristic of children that challenges me every time I see it, is their ability to interact with a new acquaintance without looking through colored glasses. Sure, they may trust some people immediately, some in a short time, and some a while later. But it seems that they do that without starting with a stereotype (for lack of a better word). I think that is an attitude or characteristic worth having…
    I love all your pictures Christi, thanks for taking the time to make them available. We’re praying for you guys!

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