Prayer, Please

If you pray for us, here are two specific areas you can talk about with God:

1.  Steve and I are both maxed out.  Without explaining the whole story behind that sentence, it includes physical health (me), work, responsibilities, decisions, and more.  The bad thing about both of us being maxed out at the same time is that we can’t cover for each other very well.

We need to learn how to roll our burdens onto God.  That’s a learning process for me.  I want to let Jesus carry the load for me, but in the nitty gritty of life I’m not always sure how that plays out.  We also need to learn how to delegate and how to set boundaries to keep us from burn out.

2. We are looking for a house.  We have a lease on this house through September, and we’re looking for a place to buy.  We are hoping to find something within the same  community as the mission or an adjoining community.

–We finally have a realtor who will work with us (thankful!), so that’s helping tremendously

–We are looking at foreclosures which means the houses are a lot nicer than we were expecting to get for our price range.

–Because we’ve been having a steady stream of guests and we’re thinking about the possibility of housing an intern and having a bed available for someone in need, we especially want a house with a guest room.

–We consider safety.  Our realtor will tell us flat out if she doesn’t think a place is safe for us.  We’re not completely sure if we have the same scale of judgment.  Because we want to be a part of the community we’d be willing to live in places not everyone would classify as safe.  (Although there was one place she didn’t want to show us saying, “If I would have to buy you a house myself, I wouldn’t let you live here.”  That time we easily  agreed with her, and didn’t even look inside.  This place was surrounded by houses, but on a street close to a lot of open space.  Most times space is something you want, but in this kind of neighborhood, it is a lot safer to be surrounded by people and to be closer to the main hub of activity.  It also had multiple security systems to keep people out.  One of the problems with a lot of empty house here, is people bashing into walls and ceilings to steal copper wire or piping–can’t remember–and water heaters or absolutely anything that they could sell.)

–Earlier we had thought we’d like a fixer-upper.  Now, with looking at Steve’s schedule already and realizing what it means to be alone in a place–no work nights, babysitting, meals, and so on–we are looking for a place that will take minimal work before we can move in.


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  1. Oh Christy, you have my full and hearty sympathies. We just finished house hunting (again) on Saturday, and are so thankful that it’s behind us and we have a place to live for the next two years, Lord willing. I’ll pray that you are able to find a house and be at peace with whatever decision you make.

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