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I love seeing people’s houses–seeing their taste, picking up ideas, and just getting to know them a little better.  It’s been awhile since we’ve moved into this house, and hopefully we’ll be moving out in a few months.  Actually I rather dread moving…again, but hopefully our next house will be a place we are buying!  so then I can actually paint, and make it even more our own space.  I can hardly wait.

Our house was built in the age of charm.  I love these old houses with their wide trim, glass door knobs, hardwood floors, and arches.  This was taken soon after we moved:

The first room you enter in our house is the living room:

Oh, bummer.  You can’t see the basket full of throws (except for a tiny bit in the bottom left corner).  It’s a favorite part of the room.

This is the first time we’ve had a fireplace, and it’s been so much fun.  A crackling fire adds so much coziness and ambience during the winter.  It’s probably sucking up some of our air conditioning now–which reminds we need to get something to close off the chimney.  Side thought there. :)

I’ve had fun with the mantle, too. 

I’ve been wanting to make throw pillows for the couches, but haven’t gotten them done.  I decided not to invest in curtains for the house since we only planned to live here for a year.  Also, I am really into the minimalist look.  I don’t really know how to pull it off, but the lack of curtains doesn’t bother me in the least–especially because the windows are beautifully trimmed.

Dining room–

On an anniversary trip a few years ago, Steve and I ate at the Macaroni Grill for the first time.  They had white tablecloths and covered them each with a white sheet of paper.  The waiter introduced himself and wrote his name on our table cover with two crayons.  I was instantly hooked.  How fun, right!  I was excited to find rolls of paper at Ikea.  I like the look for a table covering, and it is such a great place for children to draw!  Zachary made a train the whole length of the table once.  My favorite thing is when the adults join in the doodling. :)


I was able to clean the kitchen the other day, so that it is emptier than it has been in months!  I love it!  I think the pictures actually make it look a little stark, but it doesn’t feel that way when you’re in it.  I was hoping to put up a few shelves from Ikea on the wall to the right of these windows, but our landlord didn’t like that idea.

The door you see leads to the laundry room.  I also keep canned foods, and bigger kitchen items out there.  It’s HOT in summer and COLD in winter, but I’m so thankful for the extra storage space!!

I don’t have as many cabinets as I did in our last house, but I left some of my dishes in storage which makes my need for cabinets a little less.

My little herbs did so well for awhile.  It was so much fun to snip parsley, chives, and cilantro and use them in cooking.  I don’t blame them for hanging their heads with the little care they’ve gotten the last while.   I hope they will thrive again.

I also keep a few quotes up to give me some postive reminders:

With every encounter

Make it your aim that people

are better off

for having been in your presence.

I copied the print from someone’s blog (oops, I would give them credit if I remembered where!), changed the initials and added the quote in Photoshop.  I covered the matte with burlap and taped the paper, too it.  The frame also got painted from oak to white.

This quote has reset my focus many days:

And why the picture of soap?  Well, it’s about my favorite thing in the kitchen.  I know this makes me 100% house-wifey, but I actually put this soap on a gift wishlist once. :)  I’m a bit infatuated with Method products.  (Have you ever smelled their laundry soap?  Oh, I wish I could afford it always.)   And the Caldera hand soap is a favorite scent of mine.  I think I got this a few months ago with a Target gift card.  Quote on the fridge:

Do what you can

Where you are

With what you have.

I also bought this jar with a gift card.  I LOVE it!  And I also love having oatmeal so accessible, since we use it a lot.  The cute little scoop I found at a garage sale for $.50 with a $2.99 price sticker on the back.  I like things like that. :)  Please also notice my green spatula in the crock that’s on the other side of my stove.  I love green, and my sister-in-law bought it for me–two reasons it’s high on my like list. Oh, and the little Coke salt and pepper shakers?  Full of memories of a little family paying about $15 for parking :(, and dashing through the rain to go to the Coke Museum.  Same little family simply visited the gift shop instead of paying the exorbitant museum fee.  One man telling his Coke fan wife that she should most definitely buy at least the salt and pepper shakers and a Coke in a glass bottle.  And the wife being very happy about both, of course.  Now I’m even happier that I have them, because of course it would have been on a visit to the city that we would go there, and not once we’re residents and drive past about once a week. :)

Oh, and there’s a neat story about the stove.  All the appliances came with the house.  Normally the company we lease from doesn’t supply a washer and dryer, but when they heard why we were moving to Atlanta, they offered that we could have some of the old ones they have removed from houses they have bought.  They are ancient and the washer has already died and miraculously revived through the prayers of our prayer support group!

Back to the stove. :)  When we first moved, none of the appliances had been moved into the house, yet.  They all came the next day or two.  However, the gas did not get hooked up for over a month.  Because we had a gas stove, I couldn’t bake or cook on it.  I had a microwave and crockpot, so I made do with that.  A couple weeks after we were here, a repairman from the lease company overheard me in a phone conversation.  I was telling someone that Zachary’s birthday was coming up, and I was praying that we could have the gas hooked up by then, so that I could bake a birthday cake for him.

Before he left, he asked me if we still did not have a gas hook-up.  (It’s a mandated city-based company connection and was a very inefficient and frustrating process.)  He asked a few more questions, and said he would check if they could have an electric stove brought out temporarily.  They did bring it out and swapped stoves for us, and I was able to bake Zachary’s cake!!  They never did bring the gas stove out for us then.  This stove now reminds me of God’s care for us.

Also, did you notice I have a dishwasher?!  It’s the first time I’ve had one, and I appreciate it fully!!!!

This next picture is from moving day.  There are just as many piles there right now as in the picture, but it seems a little more forgivable on moving day. :)  I like these open shelves a lot!  I store glasses and serving dishes, casserole dishes, and vases here.  It’s so quick to reach for things or put them away, and they look pretty, too.

Oh, and the girl in the navy dress?  She’s coming down the end of this month to help me out for a week or two.  I am sooooooo happy to have her coming.  She is the answer to many people’s prayers.

Another fun little project I did on a whim.  What I really want is a cool frame to spray paint with some bright color.  Then I’d cover a bulletin board with burlap–or even better, a coffee bean sack and frame it.  But since I haven’t been able to find those things, I just pulled the skinny frame off a bulletin board I found at a Goodwill and covered it with fabric scraps.  I really wanted all burlap, but didn’t have enough; so it became this.  That’s how I work…no planning ahead and getting supplies.  Sometime I will remember to think ahead.

I also covered my clipboard that night.  I like the look, but I have no use for it. Any suggestions?  The paper has a texture, so it doesn’t work well for writing on.

The Office/Guest Room:

No pictures.  square-ish room.  Ugly, old desk covered in papers. File cabinet.  Recliner.  Pile of storage. Book case.  Lots of windows; lots of beautiful light.  Big closet for storage.


These are the only pictures I have for now.

The silhouette of Zachary is made of construction paper and black yarn.  We used the same paper as I use on the dining room table for a pattern.  Zachary stood on a chair that was positioned between the wall (to which the paper was taped) and a lamp.  I helped Zachary stand still and Steve sketched his silhouette. Later I taped enough pieces of construction paper together to be a similar size, lay the pattern paper on top–taping as necessary, and cut them both out at once.   It makes a very inexpensive wall decor.  I have been wanting to also cut out letters for a verse to put with the picture, but I haven’t been able to find paper in the colors that work well with their room.

[more later]

Bathroom 1:

Our bathrooms are small which makes it hard to get a picture of them.

I learned that using this kind of soap helps Zachary be more likely to wash his hands without reminders.  I enhanced a generic soap bottle with a little bit of masking tape.  When I had a blue spout/dispenser/whatever you call it, I swapped it out for the orange one that had come with the bottle.

Steve very kindly covered these surfaces with contact paper for me.  Angles are not so kind to me, and he likes the challenge.  I know.  It doesn’t even look complicated, but we all have our strengths and non-strengths, right? :)

This gives you an idea of what the inside of these cabinets looked like before covering them:

And After:

Bathroom 2:

Our bathroom situation is a little funny.  The bathroom with the tub is next to our room (our room because it has two closets).  The bathroom next to the boys’ room has only a shower.  So….we crisscross.


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  1. Somehow I missed a whole bunch of posts here! I’ve been waiting for you on xanga :) but somehow forgot to check over here!
    I just loooove your little house you’re in now. It’s rather sad you can’t stay there. The old character, the way you have it decorated. You do SO WELL with the minimalistic look, and yet having it look SO COZY at the same time. So often minimalistic seems similar to contemporary, and that feels so stark and cold to me. But I think I’ll always remember walking into your little house for the first time – your welcome was so warm and genuine, and it seemed as if the house itself was hugging us! The soft lamp lighting, the touches of details everywhere… I loved this tour again, even more since I’ve been there… My favorite things were 1) your living room. It is just soo beautiful. I love the all nuetral colors. I love your mantel. 2) your kitchen table. Soooo cool. I have used a similar idea in my home, as inspired by you. :) 3) the silhouette in Zachary’s room.

    And I’m very very curious now too…. I’ve been reading through posts, catching up on the ones I missed, and I’m wondering if you got that house????

  2. Thanks for the tour… Since I will never get to see you Atlanta house, now I at least have an idea of what home looks like for y’all.
    I love the silhouette of Zachary. Such a neat idea & again shows your creativity.:)

  3. Cute house, loved the tour. Now, if I remember tomorrow, I’m going to copy your soap there on the shelf – to cute. I like the masking tape bottle idea. Your mantel with wisteria picture is nearly scratch and sniff. And i’ve never tried your soaps, it’s fun to see what others are using. -Jan

  4. I like these pictures. I’m enjoying a dishwasher too in our “new” house, and it’s so nice. Your mantle inspires me. I finally have one to decorate and have no idea how . . . and so few decorating items to use. But this gives inspiration at least!

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