Did We Get It?!

A minute after I published the last post, the phone rang.  Steve was on his way to a side job, and I was rather impatiently waiting until he could call to share the results on the bidding.  It was him!  “Mary called….” and then the phone cut off!  Unreal!  I thought he must have been in a bad service area and called him back…..three times, but his phone went to voice mail each time!  I kept trying for awhile, but finally concluded he must have a dead battery, and [somewhat] resigned to waiting.  I called my friend Jordan because I knew she’d understand how anxiously I was waiting.  She asked, “Well, did he sound excited or disappointed?” but with someone as calm as Steve…his voice would sound identical for both!  Hour after hour went by, and I concluded I’d have to wait until he got home–which would be late.  Close to 11:00 he finally got home….and we were the highest bidders!  So exciting!!!!

So as soon as all the contracts are finalized we can get an inspection done then make our final decision.  Our realtor said her style is to nab a house if you like it, ask for a few days to make a final decision (can’t remember the term), then at least you have it.  “When I see a sweater that strikes me, I snatch it up and buy it.  After I get home, I look at it and decide…do I really want to keep this or not?”  I related quite well to that concept. :)

That’s where we are.  The biggest issues that we can see are being within a block of a train crossing where it blares its whistle.  The train goes through definitely seven times and probably more per 24 hour day.  I think we would probably adjust to it, but that is an issue to consider (including resale value).  There were also two places with moldy walls due to a water leak. Hopefully whatever caused the leak is not too expensive to repair, and there aren’t any major problems that we missed. If it all checks out, we’ll be getting measurements and supplies before we know it.

Very, very exciting!


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  1. So excited for you, Christy. I like the way your realator thinks. I kinda think we signed something similar when we bought. The seller couldn’t back out (unless we broke contract) and we could if certain criteria weren’t met. Pretty secure way to make an offer, in my opinion. And I bet you’ll get used to the train in no time.

  2. YAY!!!!! I am so excited for you!!!! How wonderful that it’s a house that YOU’RE excited about as well, not just something you settled for and had a lot of second-guesses! So wonderful!!
    And I think Marylou already commented on the train factor in Jesup, but we live 1.5 blocks from the tracks, and from the crossing, and there are over 40 trains a day that go through Jesup. I know, they say that Jesup is the city that trains built. But we have become so used to them that most times I don’t even notice them anymore. Except at 8am when the kids are sleeping in and I’m hoping for just a feeeeeeeew more minutes of quietness. :)

    Can’t wait to see some pictures and hear more about it!!

  3. Sounds exciting! So glad you found one that meets your “wants” list. About the train, you do get used to it, especially if the house is well insulated. The office where I work is across the street from the train station/tracks. Some trains are much louder than others (!) and if they come through when I’m on the phone (which happens alot) it can get very aggravating. But …. the wall facing the tracks has 1 door and 3 windows, and has very little insulation.

    1. When Steve lived with Richard and Ann, he got to live with a train in his back yard, too, and it didn’t bother him. I hope the boys adjust quickly. The one here is LOUD. I think we now live about a mile from the track (not by road), and it will sometimes wake me in the morning. :) The place we’re looking at is a newer house, so hopefully it will have decent insulation. It does have few windows which was disappointing, but now I guess there’s a benefit in that, too.

    1. I hope so, too! We’re signing the contract tonight then it’s inspection, and final decisions!

  4. How exciting!! I hope it all works out for you!! :)

    My sister lived just across the street from the train tracks for a couple years and they got used to it very quickly! So there is hope! :)

    1. Thanks for your excitement!
      We are all deep sleepers, so I think we’ll adjust. I’m mainly worried about those mornings when I desperately *need* the boys to sleep in….and they totally would have if it hadn’t been for that TRAIN. :)

  5. I’m so excited for you! I hope it all works out well. About that train… I think with time you won’t even think about the whistle blowing. At one time we lived approx. 3 blocks from a railroad crossing with an average of 20 trains in 24 hours. After a while, there were many times that I didn’t hear that train whistle. Our overnight visitors often commented about all the trains, though.

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