Country Girl, City Mama

We were driving along interstate 85 between the rows of skyscrapers when what slowly passes me in the lane to the left of me but a cattle trailer fully loaded.  Before I could help myself I was exclaiming, “LOOK, Ian!!! Those are cows!  Look.  They’re REAL cows!!!”  Given that the only cows he remembers seeing are the pictures in his Touch and Feel book this excitement was justified.  Memories of growing up next to a pasture where cows grazed daily made me laugh that I was so enthused about these creatures.  I did stop myself before rolling down his window, so he could smell them. =)


3 thoughts on “Country Girl, City Mama”

  1. that’s funny! we actually live on a farm but i remember one of my boys telling someone that milk came from jugs. oh dear. but hey. it’s not a dairy here. so…

  2. That is sooooo funny!! :) I can relate a wee bit because I grew up in Amish Country with horse & buggy everywhere. Now when we go back home I do the same thing to my children. “Guys, look!!! It’s a horse and buggy!!!!!” and my family is looking at me thinking, “????? This crazy woman grew up with those things…” :)

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