The House

The all-consuming project of the month is–THE HOUSE!  Yes, we had closing a few weeks ago, so we’ve had a lot of excitement around here–lots and lots of decision making and planning, too. About every other time I go over to the house I think that there is sooooo much work to do, and every other time I’m amazed at the great condition surrounding the repairs we need to do.  It will take Steve a few weeks (hopefully not turning into months) to do the repair work.  We’ve always wanted to buy a cheap fixer-upper.   The difference in this and the older homes we looked at is better structure, new windows, and good insulation!  It’s disappointing that I’m not feeling well enough to help with painting and what not, but there’s not much to do about it.

I’ll show you a few pictures.  Most of the rooms are fairly small, so it’s not really possible to get a great view of the whole room, but it might give you an idea of what it looks like.

Living Room:

First room you walk into through the front door–

The room on the left (It’s YELLOW in case you couldn’t tell) will be a guest room/nursery.  The entrance will get a wood flooring.  I’d kind of like to have that for the whole room, but we’re leaning toward carpet for this area.  We have hardwood throughout most of our current house.  We love the look, but we’re ready for some soft flooring, and I especially want a place where the boys can tussle and Steve can horse around with them.  Neither of those feel very good on hardwood.

This is the stairway, and also the entrance to the kitchn/dining room area (red).

The door to the right is a bathroom.  Then we have a little closet for coats and shoes, a closet that currently houses a water heater, but will be turned into a pantry, a closet space under the stairs (can’t see it in this picture), and in the red section a closet that is the laundry space.  I am sooooo happy about all this storage space!

The Guest Room/Nusery:

On the left is a second entrance to the bathroom that I mentioned opens off of the living room.  This will be really nice for guests, I think.  I also like the windows in this room.

Unfortunately, whoever decided to take off with the bathroom fixtures didn’t bother turning off the water before ripping out the wall and fixtures.  After months of wet walls and floors and hot summer temperatures, the mold thrived in prime conditions.  The first time Steve worked at the house, he got sick and was out for nearly a week.  He’s been wearing a mask since then and making sure there’s plenty of ventilation.  Hopefully he’ll be able to get rid of the problem areas soon. 

I do like yellow, but these walls are a little too yellow for my taste. :)  I’m hoping to turn this into a restful gray and white room with yellow accents.

Moving on to the kitchen:

Back door.  We have a small fenced in back yard which will be nice for the boys!

To the left of the door we have the kitchen area.  The kitchen area is actually nice sized, but because of the layout of the room and cabinets there is not a lot of cabinet space.  Even with what is there, there’s wasted space since the corners aren’t used.  We tore these out, and are putting in a new kitchen.  At first we thought we could just add to them since we’re painting them white.  However, we’re going to adjust the layout a little to bring in a little more storage, so it just didn’t work too well.  Most of the cabinets are in pretty good shape.  We might be able to use them for storage in other parts of the house.

Laundry Room:

Anyone know much about these sinks?  This one is stained and chipped.  Are they easy to repair?  I like the white look, but I’m wondering if they’re a good investment if the finish is chipping after only seven years.

I had to add this one to give you a little better idea of the brightness of the red wall. :)  Whoever lived here liked COLOR.  The stove, fridge, and dishwasher are–we think–in working condition, so we’ll try to clean and use them.
Dining room area:
We’re in a place of indecision with the flooring.  We don’t like (shiny) tile because of it being such a cold hard surface to work on–especially not right now with being in a stage of lots of dropped dishes (shattering) and soon having a crawling baby.  We wanted hardwood, but were thinking laminate to save cost.  The more I read about it, the more I’m not sure about using laminate in a kitchen where there are lots of spills and liquid drips…  Vinyl?  My dream look is really dark espresso hardwood, but I’m rethinking the options.  Suggestions?

Master Bedroom Area:

I don’t have too many pictures, but this room is a basic rectangle.  The door is another back entrance.  Eventually it would be neat to have a little veranda going off of here. :)

Walk in closet!  Did you notice those words?  :)

There’s a shower in the back corner:

Going Upstairs:

It’s a two part stairway.  This first part is from the LR to the landing.


View that Zachary’s checking out:

The blue room at the far end of the hallway is the boys’ room.  Right in the middle is a small bathroom and across from it a nice sized linen closet.  I just have to say it again–I’m sooooo happy about all the closets! (If you’ve ever lived in old houses you understand my happiness)  Another thing I love is that there are access doors to attic storage on both sides of the office as well as the boys’ room.


At least one toilet survived the raid.

Boys’ Room:

It’s basically a reverse of the office with a smaller closet.

View from the window in this room:

Our front yard

and across the street.    We are the last street in our little section of houses, so we have vacant spaces instead of houses across from us.  There is one other street that curves around behind this set of trees which makes me feel better.  It’s funny how in a city you actually feel safer surrounded by people then where there’s too much space.  Not having lots of people right around us was one of my disappointments with this location, but I still believe God has us on this street for a purpose.

We haven’t met any of our neighbors, yet, but I waved at an older lady who lives next door to us.  [happy].  I was especially pleased to see a few children just up the street from us.  Zachary so badly wants someone to play with and I find friendships the easiest to start with children.

This past weekend Kelvin and Beth came down for the weekend, so Kelvin could help Steve at the house for two days.  It was sooooo nice for Steve to have help!  Kelvin finished tearing out all the flooring that needed to be replaced and the cabinets.  Steve got the ceilings and walls repaired upstairs (except for the bathroom where the plumbing needs to be fixed), painted the ceiling and trim and primed some of the walls.  Both the wiring and the plumbing at the house are going to be done by Mennonites. It is so nice to know that we can trust their work and their advice! I think both of those are going to be done this coming weekend.  Our big decisions this week are the cabinets and the heating and air system. 

Steve is coming home in a few minutes, and we’ll be off for supplies again.


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  1. I’ll join the chorus and say how happy I am for you! It definitely has the potential to be a lovely home for your family, and I’m cheering with you about all the storage space. And wow, somebody wasn’t afraid of color when they decorated. It’s nice that Steve can do all of these DIY projects, especially since you’re not feeling well. (So the low blood sugar/nausea hasn’t resolved yet? I’m sorry!)

    1. Thank you, and yes, I’m sooooo happy that Steve can do this work. The low blood sugar/nausea is over since I’m in my second trimester, but I deal with extreme weakness and fatigue. It makes me wonder how much was low blood sugar at first and how much was this. We’re trying to figure out what is causing it. Ian’s pregnancy was like this, too. I have seen an improvement in the last two weeks again, but I’m still not functioning well enough to stay on top of our housework even. :(

      1. Wow, that must be so hard and just plain annoying, too. I know that the grace is there when you need it, but I’ll pray for extra doses of it for you . . . and that you’re able to figure out what’s causing it.

  2. talking about vinyl …..thats what we put in our looks like a wide wood plank floor :) hardwood for us was a bit pricey so we went with this stuff and love it ! it cleans nice ,no streaking and a big plus is u dont see dirt on it :) when kids spill stuff u can wipe it up and it does not leave a streak like some floors :) anyway i enjoyed looking at your pix,it looks exciting ! oh and congrats of the prego part of your life:) have a good week……………….

  3. I love all the color Christy! But yeah, a little too yellow, and too bright of a red. But hey it beats the 60’s yellow,green and gold and brown or baby blue bathroom fixtures that we had in some of our places. :)
    As for the flooring. Get a vynal that is light colored. It is not fun to have to worry about water spills, and I am finding my dark floor that looks so beautiful is always dirty looking with dust and dropped food particles, and sand from the sandbox ~ let’s just say it hides NOTHING! Maybe in a elegant rarely used side room the dark flooring would be ok, but it is not child friendly in a dining room. Unless maybe you love to clean and you get your floors swept every evening. :) Then it wouldn’t be a problem. :)
    I wish we could buzz down and help you all!!! It’s such a cute place!
    And I know what you mean about feeling safer when there are people living close by. I felt the same way. I felt very safe when I lived in the city.
    Hugs, and hope you feel better soon!

    1. uh-oh, I don’t like to clean, but I really want a dark floor….what to do? What to do? :) I loved your comment, and am curious who wrote this. :)

  4. Oh, wow! Someone did like color. :) This is so exciting. Another option instead of vinyl or laminate, is bamboo flooring. We put it in our whole downstairs (living room, dining, kitchen). It’s cheaper then hardwood but as hard or harder. We like it.

  5. Wow! That looks exciting!! Love all the color, but I do agree that it’s a bit on the BRIGHT side:) I dream of some day having a house with normal walls to paint and decorate instead of modular home paneling… Someday:) So happy that you finally were able to find a house that is right for you!:) It looks like a nice one!

  6. Looks like work but I know it will be beautiful when your done. Just my two cents on the laminate. We have it in our kitchen/dining room & I HATE it. I would never put it in again. So hard to keep it looking clean. Kind of keeps a smeared look. we have a mid grade laminate. Not the most expensive but def not the cheapest. There is some really nice linoleum out there that looks like hardwood flooring. Some people from here in Abbeville just put it in their new house & I thought it was hardwood till I stepped on it with my bare feet. Hope you can find something you like. =)

  7. Oh, it looks so fun! There’s just something about getting a new place ready, and then moving into it… I know it sounds crazy, because I really don’t like all the work involved with moving, but we’ve lived here long enough that I almost am wishing we could move somewhere, if just to another house close by! :D We live in a very old house, (it’s in decent condition, though) and our closet space is terrible. I never saw such small closets as this house has!!

  8. so happy for you! it is fun to see potential in a fixer upper…… must admit it looks like lots of painting right now :). normally that would excite me but since i just spent hours and hours at it i can’t find my excitment. hopefully some day i can stop in…… i keep thinking it might happen i need to run to atlanta, but not yet.

  9. So, so happy for you!
    I LOVE the green living room! Youre going to have lots of fun with decorating it, Im sure.
    Hope we can stop in sometime:) maybe after little guy makes his appearance. Just dreaming, there:)

    1. I know, that’s a great green, isn’t it?! I wanted to keep it, but finally decided to change it instead of trying to change all the other colors I wanted to use to work with it. I hope, too, you can come.

  10. I am doing a ‘happy dance’ for you!! At first I was impressed by the lovely color of your walls, but a few pictures made them look a bit to much on the bright side. :) I am sorry you are not feeling better. That would be a trial to see the work that needs to be done, yet not feel good enough to help. We think of you often.

  11. Working at a flooring store has taught me that laminate and water are enemies. :) That said, I will also say that Starla has laminate in her kitchen and she loves it. It was in the house when they bought it, and they’ve had absolutely no problems with it so far. So… it can be done! :)
    My choice, personally, would be a vinyl that looks like wood. There are some great choices out there. Vinyl has come a long way in the past several years. IVC has a line called Wonderwood with realistic graphics. And Armstrong also has a large selection of wood-look vinyls.
    I loved the tour of your house. Definitely not a glum little hole-in-the-wall with all that color!

  12. Looks so fun! So happy you’re getting a nice place! My mom and dad just put in the ‘floating floor’ in their kitchen and they love it! Very easy to clean and looks like hardwood, but isn’t. There was a really pretty dark to pick from, but they wanted a lighter oak look. You can email them if you want details.

    1. haha, do you guys have kudzu, too?! :) I never knew what it was until we moved here. Wow, the stuff is invasive!!! The kudzoo-covered area behind our house is partially our land. You can kind of tell by the bumps where there’s another fence row back there. Steve dreams of cleaning it out to give us more back yard space. I just smile and nod. :) Truly it would be nice but I don’t even want to think about battling that stuff right now.

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