Garden Journals

I think everyone’s favorite harvest this year was the sweet corn.  We were pleasantly suprised with a good crop, full ears of corn, and almost no worms!  For tilling up a new plot behind an old warehouse, it was qute a success. 

All my life I’ve been able to eat fresh sweet corn in the summer.   It’s one of the best parts of summer, I think.  When I moved here, away from gardens I succombed to buying corn on the cob from the grocery store.  We thought it was alright.  Then we got a taste of the “real” stuff.  Oh, my.  There is no comparison. 

I was just waiting and smiling and waiting until the children could taste this wonderful corn.  They were so excited, too, because it’s a vegetable almost all of them like.  (As opposed to carrots or sweet peas which some savored like candy and other spit out with great disgust)

Finally it was ready to harvest.  With such a huge group of people to feed, the cobs had to be cut in half to reach around.  But, wow, were they ever enjoyed!  Everyone was raving for days about it being the best corn they had ever eaten.   

Work + Patience = Fulfilment

It’s been a good growing year. 

A wonderful spring garden

–the fun of planting, the wonder of learning, the friendship moments, the joy of harvest, seeing children enjoy the wholesome goodness of fresh produce for the first time.

A strenuous summertime season

–summer classes with children new to the program, sweltering temperatures, very little physical endurance on my part, more fun harvesting, learning, watering.

An autumn abundance

Not so much in harvest, but in blessings. 

All summer, I kept thinking that if I just hang in there till fall, I’d be able to make it.  When fall came, I still wasn’t feeling well and even though the temperatures were cooler I still got so exhausted trying to garden.  I was still crying on the way to the garden each week.  Finally I asked if I could step back from my gardening role and was ever so graciously released.  Best of all, I get to still be involved to a degree by helping with garden plans and designs. 

This morning I went to meet the new gardner and fill him in with what has worked for us so far and the plans for the fall.  He is going to be GREAT!  I’m so thrilled!  He has a lot more gardening knowledge than I do.  While I kind of garden as a way of getting involved and building relationships, he LoVes to garden.  He grew up on a 10-12 acre farm and has missed gardening since living in a small, city apartment.  I can hardly wait to see where he’ll take the gardening.


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  1. I’m so thrilled to hear that the corn was a success! And so happy that I be a tiny part of helping it succeed!

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