Decicions. Demolition. Diligence. Developments.

Paint samples, masks, supper delivered to the working man, putty knives, sandpaper….it’s our life.

Last night was an exciting mile marker for me. I was able to work at the house for the first time!  We go over a lot of evenings to take supper, and be with Steve; but I haven’t be able to do anything worth mentioning.  Tonight I sanded and painted two attic access doors, painted some door knobs, and mudded the wall holes in the guest room!  This following one of my lowest days in weeks made it even more exceptional.  And since I got to do fun little projects where I saw results right away, I can’t wait to go back to do some more! :)  I hope this keeps up!  

I feel sorry for Steve doing alllll the work by himself.  He is absolutely amazing–the way he can go and go and go and go.  He works all day then goes directly to the house and works all evening comes home late-ish and often ends up picking up some slack here on days I haven’t been feeling as well.  He keeps the goal in mind and has more determination and drive than I ever dream of having. 

[Yeah, we like going to the house, so we can see Steve–even if it’s this much of him. :)]

He’s getting closer and closer to the fun part for him–the finishing.  He doesn’t enjoy the demolition work as much, and so far it’s been a lot of that.  He’s also spent a lot of time treating mold on walls and the floors.  He bleached the subfloors and painted them with Kilz.  Last night I walked into the house for the first time and breathed freely.  So nice!  And it’s all starting to LOOK so much better, too!  Even though the Kilz is there to help with the mold situation, and not actually floor covering, it makes everything look a little more finished and clean and livable.  The upstairs is all repaired and the ceilings and trim are painted.  As of last night the floors are ready for flooring as well.  That’s thanks to one of our friends from the mission.

Bob, the head guy at street feedings, has offered to come every Wed. night after the feeding to help with the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He came tonight for the first time last night.  Even one other person makes such a huge diffrence. 

Downstairs Steve is working on repairing ceiling and trim.  Then he’ll sand it and spray it all at once.  Last night he spent a couple hours fixing a large bow on the kitchen ceiling.  He had hoped to screw it into place, but the piece of sheetrock was cracked and had to be cut out.  Oh, what a fountain of interesting objects came falling out of there.

I can’t believe how well the boys play at the house.  So thankful!  Sometimes they want to help.  They do things like dusting baseboard, sanding walls, and running for tools.  One night they pulled up the remaining carpet pad from upstairs and hauled it down to the trashcan:

They also find a lot of ways to play around the house and outside.  One day we went to a Chick-Fil-A throwdown.  As a promotion, Chick-Fil-A was–from a 3rd story–throwing down little parachuting cows that held coupons for free food.  Among a group of a couple of hundred business class men in suits and women in five inch heels (yes!) :) we did our best to grab a few.  Anyway, the little parachute and cow have been wonderful new house entertainment.  They throw it down from the upstairs window to watch it make it’s decent.  over and over and over again. Last night they were playing Chick-Fil-A through one of the porch windows.  Ian was giggling so much we were all laughing from hearing him.  

[Grading; cutting grass with a pliers] 

Kitchen progress!

Little wall kncocked out, cabinets pulled off, walls repaired. 

Here is a sample of my painting indecisions:

Most of these colors aren’t completely accurate….some closer than others

Living room and hall/stairway colors.  I think these are fairly close.  I might go a little lighter on the tan.  I handed the wrong paint chip when I got the sample. :/   The brown wasn’t quiiiite what I had pictured, but when I saw it on the wall, I really liked it and decided to keep it.

 Guest Room/Nursery. 

I love this then I question it.  Is it going to look too blue?  Should I go darker?  Most times I think it’s really nice, but sometimes it really has a blue-ish hue.  I’ve mainly seen it in the evening, though, which makes it hard to tell.  I {think} that when the whole room is done it will be pretty.  Also, this color will be painted in the adjacent bathroom.  It has very little light, so a lighter color will probably be nice.

Master bathroom color.  I’m excited about this room!  And I picked up a vanity for it at a surplas store about an hour from here.  It was a steal of a deal, and I got two bathroom faucets and the kitchen faucet ( two of them Moen) and vanity for less than what we would’ve paid for the vanity at Home Depot.  Nice. 

The office:

Searching  for the (apparently elusive) perfect shade of peacock blue.  These colors are the least accurate of what I posted, but I like the largest swatch the best.  I -think- that once it would have a second coat I would like it.  However, the other day I was looking through an old Better Homes and Gardens and…GUESS…what color was featured!  Yes, the very peacock blue I was looking for!  It looks perfect, so I’m going to try one.  yes. one.  (hold me to it) sample.  If that isn’t right, I’m just going for the best option, and will decide be happy with it.   :)

 And my projects from last night:

Chalkboard paint on the boys’ attic access doors and painted the knobs from pitting gold to silver

Time to restore order at the launching  pad–aka home.


4 thoughts on “Decicions. Demolition. Diligence. Developments.”

  1. I like the colors your going with! Can’t wait to see your peacock blue room done, it’s a fun color!Your boys are going to love their doors, I just painted a door in Emmas room with chalkboard paint, everyone has fun with it. – Jan

    1. I LOVE the blue! I was so scared of it–even when we started painting. Now, it’s already one of my favorite rooms! The boys do like the doors a lot! Do you have a good place to get chalk? I got a pack at IKEA and it crushes like crazy leaving a lot of dirt on the floor. It doesn’t matter now, but I hope I can find something better for once the flooring is in!

  2. Your house is going to be so lovely when it’s done. I love your color choices. Curious whether you chose kitchen flooring yet? Just in case you haven’t and need a vote for laminate- we have laminate at this house and I love it. Keep a spray bottle of vinegar water under the sink to wipe up spills and mop with vinegar water and you have no smearing – at least that’s what works for us. Soaps are what makes it smeary looking. Sometimes if it’s really dirty I will mop with soapy water and then do a quick rinse with vinegar.

    1. Sorry it took me so long to reply, but I did want you to know this came at the perfect time! We were just really feeling stuck with flooring between our taste and our budget. :) Steve was starting to lean toward going with laminate again, and then I got this and it gave me the okay I needed. The color we wanted (dark) is no longer stocked at the discount stores, so we’ll have to change that a little. I’m so ready to be DOnE I don’t care too much right now. Thanks for the cleaning tips, too!

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