When Your Old Life Drives into Your New Corner

They J-walk right in front of you.

They playing right in the middle of the street when you want to drive by.

They walk toward you on your side of the street wearing all black clothes at night.

These people of my community seem so unconcerned. 

Sometimes it’s frustrating, but there are parts of it I’m learning to appreciate. 

White faces in our corner still stand out to me because they are rare.  The ones I do see are mostly young college students or an occassional businessman or excentric older guy. 

Rounding a corner the other day around 5:00 I noticed an SUV with the stereotypical white soccer mom driver.  She leaned forward in her frustration at the slow traffic.  Her brow furrowed; her mouth was tightly pinched in a frown.  I could feel the tension–the stress of needing to be somewhere in five minutes and knowing there’s no way to make it in time.  I could about hear the tone of voice when her children asked one more question.  I’ve been her.  I’ve seen women like her before–often; but they live in their own community, not ours.   Seeing her that day in this place helped me see this community through new eyes.

They don’t blare their horn when I accidentally pull out in front of them.

They don’t tailgate.

They build relationships hanging out with each other every day.

I’ve spent most of my life living in a place of Lots!to!do! and places!to!be! (hopefully, with a little more grace than the stressed out driver of the SUV).  Now I’m living among people who value the absence of hurry and really do live in the present.  I hope I’m learning from them, too.


4 thoughts on “When Your Old Life Drives into Your New Corner”

  1. Yes. I so get this. It’s my neighborhood, too. I find the absence of hurry so appealing. But truthfully, the hurry in me dies hard.
    Btw, I love hearing your observations of city life! And I do the same thing about cows and other country creatures that you do! lol

  2. Just catching up on your blog…for some reason it wasn’t working for me earlier. Not sure why. Now it works fine.:) Anyway, I loved seeing your house and the progress and I can’t wait to see more! You and Steve are doing a wonderful job! I still haven’t given up on my brainstorm of coming down again, but it won’t be this fall. Maybe about Feb when I’m sick and tired of winter:) Lucinda, Megan and I talked about coming but Lu’s mom said she would rather not have her leave before her sister gets married (Nov 20?). I am wondering how life is treating you since I last talked to you? From the little snippets I catch here and there it sounds like you are slowly feeling better (yay!) but are still VERY busy! I hope it slows down once you move. Have a great week!

    1. Oh, that would’ve been fun to have y’all come! I hope it does work sometime. Yes, I am feeling better than I had been! I feel well enough that I really wish I could be working, but I just. can’t. I try and get through painting 1/2 a closet. :/ Anyway, at least I’m feeling as well as I am. I can run errands which saves Steve some time. The most important part is that I’m feeling well enough to be able to deal with the not feeling well a little better. (Does that make sense? :) ) I hope, too, that after the house life will run at a more normal pace. I have a feeling Steve will crash for awhile! We’re not planning to travel over the holidays, so that should be relaxing, too.

  3. I am thinking of moving to Atlanta! :) I desire that lifestyle, but I have a lot to learn about living in the present and without hurry or preoccupation with tomorrow and the next day and the next. Blessings, Shaunda

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