Guest Bathroom [our home]

Yay!  We got our new internet provider set up!!!  We tried a cheap route to start out even though we knew the service would be spotty.   On rainy or cloudy days sometimes we couldn’t connect at all.  Now we’re up and running again, and the speed is mighty fine!

We call this the guest bathroom even though it’s the main bath of the house.  I guess it’s because it connects to the guest bedroom as well as to the living room.  When guests are here we use other bathrooms.  :)  This room had more missing than we wished, but was also easy to work with.  The sink and toilet had been taken.  I wish I would have taken a picture of the tub because the faucet was ripped right out of it.  You can see in the following picture, the back side of that hole.  Whoever was after the copper and whatever all else they wanted, didn’t bother turning off the water.  Because of that along with summer temperatures, the areas around these holes had grown rather moldy.

Here’s a picture of the bathroom on moving day.  I’m including these moving day pictures because it’s impressive to see how a little straightening and a several branches of honeysuckle from the front yard can improve a room.

When creating our budget for the remodel, we were taken aback at the cost of vanities, sinks and faucets.  This pedestal sink including the faucet for $90 from a  Craigslist seller was a good deal.  New the sink without the faucet would have cost a couple hundred.  We hadn’t necessarily planned for a pedestal sink, but the deal made us think it would look good. :)

We also decided to buy a $15 mirror from TJ Maxx.  I thought about painting it white, but decided I like the contrast.

Steve hung beadboard wallpaper, then painted it white and added trim.  He hangs wallcovering on the side, so here’s a plug for wallpaper. :)  Yes, I know it’s hugely unpopular, but I’m doing my part to change that. :) :)  Cool note about Lowes…when buying from their website, you can get free shipping if you have it sent to the store.  At our store they even have special 15 min. parking for picking up online orders.  You can walk to the customer service desk to pick it up and be in and out in no time.  Home Depot may do this, too. Not sure.

The light is one of my favorite parts of this room, and something I would’ve never thought of on my own.  I was browsing a blog for paint colors when I noticed they had used this outdoor cottage lantern in their bathroom.  The style was so cute, and happily it wasn’t too pricy at $30. :)

I haven’t quite decided on a good spot for a toilet paper holder. :) If I hang it on the wall, it would get covered by towels hung on the hooks.  I’m not sure if you could attach it to the sink.  Any ideas?  For now the roll of toilet paper gets tossed into the towel basket.

Bathroom Before:


and AFTER:


3 thoughts on “Guest Bathroom [our home]”

  1. Christy, I LOVE the transformation!! The guest bath is just lovely, lovely. I love the softness of the grey, the contrast of the mirror, all the dreamy whites, the touch of honeysuckle, the running water on one of the pictures, the beadboard WALLPAPER (whoever would have thought it’s wallpaper, it looks so real!)… Just beautiful!

    And the guest room… Your style is sooo pretty. I love the clean look, with the touch of modern. And what a great deal for the bedding from Ikea! Isn’t that so fun to find a deal like that?!

    So looking forward to more room tours. :) And maybe one day, in real life. After your company has slowed to a trickle. :)

  2. It’s looking lovely, Christy!! It’s amazing to see the transformation! Can’t wait to come see it (and y’all) one of these days.

  3. What a beautiful bathroom!! I never heard of bead board wallpaper, but I love it!! I’ve always loved bead board and wished to put some in our bedroom when we repainted, but it was too costly. I’ll have to remember this! :)

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