Guest Bedroom

Well, here’s the guest bedroom / nursery.

(sketching for sometime):

When we were first planning this room my ideas for this room didn’t only include decor.  One of the reasons we hoped to find a house with a guest room is so that we could have a space available for people in need.  We think of inviting someone to stay for the night when they’re left on the streets in the cold.  I dream of hosting a woman in recovery.  (To be honest, we don’t really know how all that works out with having a young family.) God has plans for this room–maybe ordinary, maybe something we haven’t thought of yet.  In thinking about the colors and words for the room, I knew I wanted it to reflect the rest (gray),  joy, and hope (yellow)we have because of Him

Thankful hardly begins to tell you how I feel about having a space for guests!  We get a lot…like a lot….of company.  Last spring we had guests every weekend except one for two months.  At our first house I was rather torn about whether it was worse to move the boys out of their room every weekend (do they need the stability of staying in their room when there was so much change?) or having guests sleep on an air matress.  Experienced, missionary hostesses kept telling me it would be good to let the boys stay in their room, but it didn’t seem right to not offer a bed to travelers. :)

We recently had another six weeks or so sprint..  We do love spending time with friends and introducing them to our world.  So many of our guests have blessed and encouraged us.  That sounds sort of trite, but I don’t really know how else to describe it.  Not all our guests stay here for the night, but it is really, really nice to be able to get the room ready ahead of time without doing last minute scrambling.  I keep clean sheets on the bed.  If the sheets stay on the bed too many weeks between guests, I rewash the pillowcases to give them a fresh scent. :)

I’m trying to learn to cook and bake ahead as well.  It’s much easier to host when there is some food prepared.  Whether it’s because I don’t keep an overly-stocked pantry or simply because I get a brain-freeze, :P spur-of-the-moment meals for guests are much easier when I have something to fall back on.   Recently several girls, who were on a weekend missions trip, spent a couple hours cooking and baking quite a few meals to stock up the freezer!

Here are the pictures of the room when we started working:


You can see in the photo on the right, the flooring painted with Kilz.  We ended up having a bigger battle with mold than we were expecting.  Up until close to moving in you could still smell mold. It was scary to me.  Steve had been Bleaching it, but it wouldn’t be kicked.  Finally after a dehumidifier and borax, it gave up the fight.  He painted the Kilz on top to…???keep it from coming back? I think so, but don’t remember for certain.

Night of moving:

As of the present:

There are lots of fun projects brewing for this room, but I haven’t managed to do anything for it, yet. I asked Paxton if he’d add some cuteness to the room for me…

…he said he’d be cool with that.

This is also Paxton’s nursery.  In my dreams there is a white crib and bedding that looks like this:


In reailty, I didn’t have cash flow even to buy white sheets at Goodwill to cover the crib bedding I did have.  I determined to be content with what I had because when I compare buying new crib bedding to people around me who don’t have a place to stay….kind of ridiculous.  It was a little disappointing, though, to have the interruption of green.

(to give you and idea)

When I bought that set, I thought it was soooo cute.  The teddies really are sweet, it’s true.   There wasn’t enough white fabric in my stash to do much of anything, but I did have a white valance from our other house that I couldn’t really use anywhere here.   When my mother-in-law was here, she so kindly sewed it on top of the other crib skirt.

It didn’t quite reach around the two front sides.  The part that is missing is back behind the dresser, and really not noticeable.

With white:

For now we’re not using any bumper pad.  Once Paxton is scooting around it will go back into the crib.  It seems without them there are often head bumps and little arms getting stuck between the rails, and function comes before beauty sometimes. :)

More of the room in general:

Steve built this dresser almost seven years ago patterned after one at Target.  I like it a lot!  The laundry basket came from the dollar store around the same time.  Looking at it in the pictures, I’m wondering if it would look better painted.  Funny how so many things from the dollar store break within ten minutes of use.  Then the next thing will go and go and go…  The little outfit on the door has been a first going away outfit for all three boys.

The duvet cover was a “Last Chance” find at IKEA.  I didn’t know it is normally sold with pillowcases and thought it was a steal to find it for $12 or so.  The other day I saw a complete set like this at Goodwill for $10!!  It’s hard to leave a good deal like that at the store.




And that concludes of the guest room area.  Friends are always welcome~


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  1. I don’t know how I missed your last 2 posts…love what you’ve done to your guest bedroom and bathroom. Looks so pretty and restful! LOVE the beadboard wallpaper! Didn’t know there was such a thing, but I’ll tuck it away for future reference. :) Hope you’re doing well!

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