Simple Gifts: An Evening with Friends

When we first moved to Atlanta, we were the only ones of the mission staff who lived right here in the mission area.  We were so happy when Seth and Jordan bought a home a few miles from where we live.  I was quite ecstatic the first time I told Steve, “I’m going to run over to Jordan’s to drop off…”  In fact, I needed to interrupt myself to say, “Listen!  I can say, ‘run over’ and be there in a few minutes!” :)

A couple weeks ago Seth and Jordan invited us to spend the evening with them.  Seth told us they had gotten out the sprinkler and the boys could bring their swimming trunks.  It sounded really fun, but our boys ended up being kind of grumpy from having been pulled out of their beds, and they didn’t quite get the whole FUN!!! thing–maybe later.  Some of the neighborhood children were there, though, and they LOVED it!


After some pizza, we sat on their wonderful, lovely, enviable ;) front porch to relax and sip smoothies mixed up by the smoothie pro–Mr. Seth.

[Slurping down these smoothies was serious business for Ian]

The guys played some backyard games and Jordan, Paxton and I enjoyed the swing and chatting.

To treasure: an evening with friends is a gift.


5 thoughts on “Simple Gifts: An Evening with Friends”

  1. amazing pictures! I love the ones you took of seth and jordan holding the baby, so precious! I am so lucky to have seth as my brother in law, and a beautiful sister!

    1. Don’t they look perfect…:) They are a great couple. I hope to meet you and your family sometime as well!

  2. I can relate to so many of your posts about life in the city. Sorry if I sound like a broken record. :)
    I’m SO happy for you that you have Christian friends living nearby!

    1. Oh, you should really know how much I love your comments! I was thinking a few days ago about how you faithfully comment and how much it means to me.

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