Simple Gifts: Blue Hydrangeas

I was just thinking of how I would miss the hydrangea bushes I was lucky to enjoy at the house we rented in South Carolina.  Blue hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers, and it makes me feel absolutely rich to have bouquets of hydrangeas throughout my house.  Well, one day I was wistfully thinking of them….the NEXT day I looked out the living room window to see a large bush of blue hydrangeas on the edge of the vacant lot across the road!

The first words out of my mouth? “God, I didn’t even ask for these!!!”  He must have smiled at my incredulous joy.  I still smile when I think about His surprise gift to me.

To treasure: bouquets on the island, the windowsill, and the dresser in our bedroom are a gift.



4 thoughts on “Simple Gifts: Blue Hydrangeas”

  1. Silly question, but are you the Christy that co-authored Marital Bliss? I really enjoyed that book! And thanks so much for your encouraging comment on my blog, it is always a delight to “meet” readers. I must say, I love blue hydrangeas as well, they were our wedding flower and will always be so special to me. The renovations on your home are looking great! I’m so glad I found you–I will be visiting this blog from now on.:)


    1. Um, yeah, that would be me. :) I’m glad you enjoyed the book. I wish I would comment on your blog more often, so you’d know how much I enjoy it. :) It’s one of those I definitely choose first when I’m scanning over my Google Reader to see which blogs have been updated. You are always so sweet. Love to you and happy wishes for the next few weeks. I know they are .not. easy, but being fairly recently on the other side of birth I can assure you you’ll think back later and declare that she was worth it.

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