10/10 for Eden

City of Refuge is raising money to refurbish 30 rooms that house single moms and their kids. Our goal is $30,000 raised through donations of $10 or more from any who would like to give.  We’re in the middle of a 10 day campaign where we’re asking people to give as little as $10 to contribute toward refurbishing a room for a homeless woman and her children.  Go to my fundraising page to see what you can do to help.  Tell your friends and acquaintances and together we will invest in more lives.

Our goal is to outfit 30 rooms with all the essentials – a bed frame, mattress and box spring, linens, pillows and comforters, dressers and desks, and a welcome basket full of hygiene items, towels and other basic items, along with a fresh coat of paint on the walls and clean carpet on the floor.


But this is more than just a campaign to raise funds for furniture. This is a campaign to restore dignity. Women and children come to us beaten down by the circumstances of life, most often circumstances completely beyond their control. They come not only with physical needs, but spiritual and emotional needs – needs that must be met with a compassionate community of care. The first expression of that compassion, the one that sets the mood for their entire experience in Eden Village, is a room that says, “We care!”

We are looking for many willing givers! We are at 44% of our goal of $30,000 to renovate 30 rooms for our women and children with 2 days to go. That means there is a wonderful opportunity for you! Seriously, this is something that makes a big difference. I spent today working in both of our housing units, and while there are many things to be done, this to me is the most exciting. Our homes are where we go for our comfort, rest, and peace. We wish to do the same for those who stay here. Please pass this link to everyone you know. $10 is not much to sacrifice, and we need many to give to do what we believe is needed here. Thanks to all who have already shared financially. I simply ask that if you feel you can spare a small donation, consider doing that!

Go to my fundraising page to view videos about the history of City of Refuge, and contribute to the cause.