Back to School [the beginning]

Well, more times than I can say, I have resolved to update my blogs more often.  You want to know the result?  There are at least ten half-written posts sitting in the draft folders.  It’s beginning to feel a bit ridiculous.  Therefore, I am d.e.t.e.r.m.i.n.e.d that this post is getting finished and posted.  Only one picture?  Only 3 sentences?  That’s fine...just post something, self.  Okay, so I’ve already exceeded that, and now I’m on the clock.  How long until baby cries, the phone rings, or I look at the clock and realize I NEED to start supper NOW?  Here’s to fingers flying–


SO…the big event here this week is the beginning of our school season 2012-2013.  Earlier I had a little bit of time getting enthused about homeschooling.  I was preparing but mainly ’cause I needed to.  Well, then I started reading First Days of School and did I ever get pumped.  It gave me that feeling of being a teacher and thinking through classroom designs and planning out lessons.  Best of all, it helped me to set goals and dream about what I want to accomplish and how I can inspire greatness.  Then…one night I cleaned up the office and unpacked the last few boxes that had been sitting around since we moved in November.  The space emptied by boxes leaving inspired me to move the boys’ little table and stools from their room to the office and a classroom was born.

That night I covered peanut can and turning it into a personalized pencil holder and taped up a few flash cards to the wall.  It was just two little projects, but they each made gave me that excited feeling of making something pretty with not much.  Funny as it may sound, it was also those two little things that started getting me really in the mood to start school.  Now that I think of it, maybe partially because we made a little space that is all school.

The first day went super well.  It was fun getting into my teacher mode…going over procedures, talking up excitement for the 100’s chart, and teaching little people how to be quiet.  The boys loved the classes.

[Our classroom]

Whether you’re sending your children out to the bus or digging out books as well–Happy school year, everyone!


Should I even say this?  I will…
My idea is to post more about our classroom about school and create a page with all the homeschool posts.  I am aiming to get the next post up by tomorrow.  I’ve said that before and never followed through.  We’ll have to wait and see if it goes the way of the ten other waiting to be finished drafts (or the 67 not even started posts in my head) or if it will actually appear here.




4 thoughts on “Back to School [the beginning]”

  1. Excited for you that you are “feeling” it. :) And I totally understand the thing of having 10 half written posts that just never get finished.

    I’ve also been wanting to take the time to comment on your blog. I love when you post and am excited to see more about your homeschooling since that is probably what we’ll end up doing too. And your last post? Well, I could relate to so much of it. Although we don’t have children over quite that often….but the way they attach to your heart and the way you ache when you know that they aren’t loved well…. You are amazing though. I admire your willingness to put up with all the different things. Not sure I’m quite that tolerant! Anyway. Enough rambling. Much grace to you today!

    1. So someone else has half written posts waiting around, too? Thanks for your encouragement. I always love when you comment.

  2. Have fun!! :) We started yesterday. Just a week ago I was dreading starting again. It felt like summer vacation just started. But by the time yesterday morning rolled around, I was getting excited! :)
    Love your school room! :) Cute~

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