Weekend Memories

This started out as, still-feeling-energized-from…but by now it’s a reflection on last weekend.  Two of Steve’s friends from way-back-when and their wives came to see us for a weekend.  From Texas and from Philadelphia–it was such an honor that they came to see us in our city.  We had wonderful time together.  They are the kind of friends who can crash at your house, but when they leave you feel more energized than tired.  Even though I’ve only known the girls for a couple of years they seem like friends I’ve known for a long time.  There were lots of big/deep/engaging conversations:

and laughter:

Cute couples:

There were walks around quiet parks:

[Ian learning how to blow a bubble]

and ice cream!

[The Varsity is a diner established in the 20’s and the biggest drive-in in the world.  It’s a fun place for atmosphere and the boys love that from the second story you can watch the interstate traffic.

As we were walking out I saw this adorable couple, who fit the place perfectly.  I only regret that I didn’t ask them if I could take their picture.  It would’ve made an awesome portrait in the middle of this place.]

[Love Jay’s adoring gaze.  These guys were both single when we were first married, and it’s so neat to now see them happily married, too.]

We played games, ate, talked, stayed up late, drank coffee…good things that friends do.  On the morning they left we stopped by the Westside for a little window shopping. This is becoming one of my favorite areas in the city.  The designs and details inspire.

[Our family in front of our house]

[me, Lucy, Jolynn]

The men walked around for a little then settled in for more talking.  Poor Steve.  I came back and realized I had left him with all three boys.  (slaps head)  When I saw this picture I was telling him that I had meant to come get some of the boys–at least push Paxton in a stroller.  He shrugged and said he didn’t think about it.  He gives me so much grace.

And then we said good-bye and they headed north and we headed back to our house–

Tired from so little sleep, but energized by the camaraderie of real friends.


8 thoughts on “Weekend Memories”

    1. You are kind, Lucy. After you left I thought of things I wished I’d done differently, but I could also feel peaceful because you are all so gracious. Thanks for making hosting feel a lot more like simply hanging out with friends.

  1. Such fun pics, Christy! What a fun wknd w/ y’all in Atlanta! Thanks for letting us come crash in your city at your place this time! :) I’m still feeling inspired to paint a room somewhere in my house…

    1. Loved it, and it was too short! I hope you can come again sometime. Oh, and when I found you in the bathroom looking for a hand mirror I was pretty sure you were going to be one of my favorite guests ever. :) Cool, I’m glad you feel inspired. When I left your house I was motivated to do some projects…and now I’m feeling inspired to get something on the walls. :D I wish you’d be here to help me…and to help me put together some more outfits. :)- Love you!

  2. This makes me smile. I love when guests leave me feeling energized or just tired-but-happy-from-good-memories.
    Also, I like your watermark.

    1. You’re right, and we’d love to have you sometime. If you come it would be great if you’d let us know the date a few weeks in advance. Our schedule can fill up quickly, and I’m learning that we have to limit how much company we have in a week. If you give us a heads-up we can keep dates open for you. :)

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