A Calm, Rainy, Cozy Day

My mom loves rainy days, so days like Tuesday remind me of her.  The rain was gentle and fell most of the day.  The gray skies were good for warming up with a candle and a phone call to my mom. It seemed like a classical music day and a good one for baking in pajamas

It’s always a good day for sweet baby smiles.

It was also a big brother is sick day (fever, headache, and stomach upset) which was not so nice.

Rainy day or sick day?  They are both good for cuddling.


7 thoughts on “A Calm, Rainy, Cozy Day”

  1. Okay, you take incredible pictures!! Probably pepole tell you that all the time, but I love how you capture moods, emotion, and perspective.

  2. Wishing for a rainy day here. I was planning on planning a ‘crash’ day after our trip gallivanting up north on Wednesday but it never happened because it was a beautiful sunny day, and I had shopping to do – so not at all a day to crash and be depressed! So I decided that a good crashing day is one when I am already depressed-ish and/or slightly mad at Jason (or anybody else who fills those shoes for that matter) and/or it raining. I prefer the rainy day option, anyway.
    Life is too busy for me to stay at home, eat fattening food, journal, read my Bible and be moody!

  3. And it’s a cozy sort of feeling that I get from reading this! We’ve had a week of rain too ~ and besides the indoors cozy feeling, it’s also cooled things off here considerably. A very welcome relief!

    Hope that little boy gets well so you can take you much-anticipated trip!


  4. LOVE your words on the fence! (I actually pinned that picture.) And as always, I love your photography….wish I could take some lessons from you. You’re pictures are always so crisp and clear. Hope the sickness goes away fast!

    1. Ooo, you pinned it? The ultimate blogg-y compliment. =)- Having those words outside my kitchen window is a good re-set reminder for me.

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