First Grade Notes

Finding notes around the house like these bring extra happiness to my days.

A. Yay! for learning.

B. The spelling–okay, I’m his mom; but seriously who wouldn’t smile?

first grade writing

Zachary’s noatbook. he [hearts] to jrol (draw).

The boys are re-listening to Laura Ingalls Wilder stories on CDs we borrowed from the library.  After too much listening Zachary adopts the old lingo without knowing it.

Once we had dips and chips and the dip ran out before the chips.  “Mom, we need to buy more dip,” he said, “or else we’ll have to live as poor people.” 

Just now he was using a new eraser Michelle and her boys sent him.  It’s shaped like a saw and he is kind of in love.  He was feasting his eyes on the little thing holding it a few inches in front of his face, “Oh, he looks so fine!”

But then my Zachary is back. “Isn’t beardy a strange name for an eraser?”

Me: “It is.  Did you name him that?”

Zac: “Yeah…because the saw part looks like a beard.”

He laughs.



We’re getting into a rhythm with school.  The teaching part is fun, and Zac is reading pretty well by now.  His Sunday school teacher gave him a new book for Christmas.  It had quite a few words he hasn’t learned by sight or phonetically.  He was able to read a lot of them by reading them in context and using the sounds he did know.  That was pretty exciting to me!

I have lots of posts spinning through my head, but I’m having a hard time getting them onto the blog.  I’ll see if I can get a few here soon.


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  1. your boys—so cute and funny! it’s exciting to see the connections happening with learning and reading! and your last paragraph, more posts soon. yay! :)

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