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Well, it’s no secret that blogging has just not been happening as often as I wish.  Sometimes when I stop by here after I haven’t been here on the blog for awhile, I realize that the little glimpses don’t give a very accurate picture of what it looks like in our surrounding world.  I guess that happens with haphazard posting because you just get whatever happens to be on my mind at the particular moment when time and the dashboard happen to intersect.

I don’t know how you find it, but after not blogging for a long time it has seemed for me a little, oh…pointless, maybe.  Then I came over here and typed a few posts and felt part of myself coming to life again.  I realized how much I’ve gotten bogged down in just getting done what has to get done and and what most demands my attention.  Really I do think the most important things–caring for my family and my neighbors–are happening, but then lesser urgent things also get in the way of hobbies and creative expressions.  Sometimes the parts of life that are a simple enjoyment help bring life to the more important responsibilities, too.

Also, along with actually giving you a picture of life here I had thought of answering commonly asked questions such as, “So what IS Steve’s job exactly?” or “What do y’all do on weekends?” or “Where do you go to church?”  I might do that sometime (might) and if you have any questions you’ve wondered I’d be quite happy for the blog material. :)  Right now it’s easier for me to answer questions than to think up something myself.  If you have any questions you can leave them in a comment or use the contact form here12 November_0479 .

In November we were able to share a presentation at three churches about the mission, community and life here.  That prompted me to finally take some pictures of the surrounding community.  Well, or maybe I should say it gave me an actual reason to have Steve take me around to take pictures.  I would really, really like to do more street photography around here; but it’s not exactly safe for me to walk around alone.

However, even with a reason, it may or may not have caused a bit of marital tension as one member of the team thought it most effective to walk through the neighborhood, and another thought it sufficient to drive slowly through the neighborhood taking shots through the window.  There may or may not have been a few terse sentences about the impossibility of getting a good shot when we are speeding through without time to focus or find a point of interest–not to speak of sharpness.

In the end there were hundreds of pictures (and apologies). And while it’s not a perfect representation, they do give a glimpse into this forgotten part of Atlanta.  Because there was (no way to get a good shot), or actually hundreds of photos, I will have to divide the pictures into several posts.

12 November_0425

First up is West End.  This is where we first livedwhen we moved to Atlanta.  It is where we still drive to if we want to go to a grocery store, bank, or pharmacy.  When explaining the poverty in our community, we tell people that there are no chain stores in our area.  Then when we tell them the grocery store is only five miles from here they look at us a little quizzically.  :)  Okay, for us that is no big deal.  For people who depend on public transportation it means they have a thirty minute bus ride (from what I’ve heard) to the nearest grocery store.  Oh, and though not shown in any of the pictures, the Kroger is really pretty nice.

04 13


12 Oct_1615

I would love to photograph this area on a Friday night sometime.  The streets are empty now, but on a Friday night it is teeming with people.  More shops are open and vendors hang out next to the street waiting for more customers.  There are little booths with African dresses for sale.  There may be vegetarian soul food or a caricaturist.

12 Oct_1610

Beauty supply shops are super popular around here:

03 wigs

12 Oct_1611

12 November_0424

12 Oct_1609

04 15

04 17 November_0454

I love this picture:

04 23 November_0464

This one, too.  I missed the lady who was crossing the street on her motorized scooter.  It’s such a common sight.  I’ve seen children pushing their mama across the street.
04 22

04 14

west end

12 November_0417
selling papers on the corner (as well as pies in the fall, roses and gigantic stuffed bears in February, cold water in July..)



12 November_0427
Someone was freaking out about the jaywalking in this part of the city. “We have a $200 fine for jaywalking. They don’t fine for it around here?” No, they don’t–not even if you walk in the path of an ambulance with lights flashing. You might get some extra siren noise, though.


quick mart


12 Oct_1607
Selling dogs from the back of a pick-up

03 bookseller

04 24 November_0468


Another corner of West End includes beautiful houses and is home to the Wren’s Nest.  A part of me will always consider this part of the city home since it boasts our first introduction to the city, our first library, my favorite Goodwill, our bank, the closest grocery store, and sweet friends.

11 march_0277


8 thoughts on “Our corner of the World”

  1. Just thinking about you tonight… and loved this post that I hadn’t seen yet… I think I recognized quite a few places of the West End! Is that where you took me to the Goodwill that we spent all our time at and didn’t go to Anthro or anywhere else? :)
    I so love your heart. What a ministry you have just BEING.

  2. fun to catch up a bit with you and get a glimpse into your life there~ wow! so different from what you were used to. but i know the Lord is using your family to shine bright for Him in a place that hasn’t seen alot of Light!

    blessings to you guys as you continue on. love you friend~

  3. Thanks for sharing! It reminds me of some of the views here in our city of Baltimore. We live on the edge, just 2.5 miles from our inner city church, but a world of difference. I’m sure you can understand! We have been here 20 years. This little slice of land gives me a place to call home amidst the chaos of traversing cultures.

    1. Beth, I would love to chat or email you sometime. I have often said I need an “older woman” to teach me about city living with a family. :)

      1. That sounds like great fun, Christy! I love relating to younger women. Can you see my e-mail address or do you need it here?

  4. Love this little peek into your city. I’m a country girl at heart and I can only imagine how tough it must be to live in the city, unless you really felt called to be there. And I believe you do. I’m sure that doesn’t make it easy, just possible. Hugs to you, especially when you want peace and quiet and no cement. :)You are doing a great work and I admire you a lot for being obedient to God.

    1. Yes, you know both miss the country sometimes, but we love the city which makes a BIG difference. You are right about it being easier because we’ve been called here. I am convinced that God opens our hearts to the mission He wants us to fill, and that He provides grace for the hard things that come with it. We’ve seen Him prove that over and over!

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