Good Morning with Love

Homeschooling often dictates our mornings starting off with a bang.  Breakfast. Chores. Playtime. Lessons.  All of them moving quickly forward from one to the next.  You know the best way to start a morning, though?  Always with love.


Sometimes love is quick hugs and listening to detailed dreams over breakfast.  Sometimes it’s a reminder to use a kinder tone of voice.  My favorite, though, was a morning last week when we snuggled up together and read a few stories.


I wouldn’t have guessed that my crazy wild firstborn baby would turn into a guy who loves hugs and cuddling.  He did, and I love it.

Paxton is my first true cuddle baby, and we love up on him.


And Ian is my middle child who is affectionate in a quiet way.  On this morning Paxton played beside us after Zachary went upstairs to start his morning routine, and Ian and I read the same book seven times in three-year-old fashion.  I was glad we had a few minutes–just he and I.


Happy mornings are most often the beginning of peaceful days


3 thoughts on “Good Morning with Love”

  1. I LOVE when you post!
    And this love in the morning post…… it is beautiful and happy and tender, and it makes me want to do better. Mornings aren’t my favorite time, but I don’t want that to allow me to make my kids dislike mornings then too. (I think there must be an easier way to word that! :)) What precious precious boys you have!

  2. Adorable boys! I find myself gazing a Paxton and love seeing so much resemblance between him and Charlotte! Oh please can we have coffee sometime? :-)

    1. Coffee would be so much fun, Beth! Yes, it’s so neat to feel that connection with our look-alike babies. :) It would be fun to get them together sometime.

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