Bright Futures

CoR-Bright Futures--0092  Bright Futures is a Christian academy for middle school and high school students in our area.  For the past few years they have been using a space at City of Refuge for their classrooms.  The first year we lived here Steve built two classroom for CoR’s afterschool program which were then also used by Bright Futures.

Recently generous donations allowed City of Refuge to expand the school area in their empty warehouse space.  We are all so excited!

The academy and many donors were invited to a special dinner and ground breaking ceremony.  I was privileged to photograph the event, so I’ll share a few pictures with you.

CoR-Bright Futures--0005

CoR-Bright Futures--0006

The staff provides excellent service:

CoR-Bright Futures--0012

Part of the staff at the amazing 180 Degree Kitchen:

CoR-Bright Futures--0013

Guests and students interacting before the meal:

CoR-Bright Futures--0017

CoR-Bright Futures--0019

CoR-Bright Futures--0023

A delicious meal beautifully presented:

Cor BF2

CoR-Bright Futures--0036


CoR-Bright Futures--0041

CoR-Bright Futures--0035

Guests of Honor:

CoR-Bright Futures--0045

CoR-Bright Futures--0046

CoR-Bright Futures--0049

CoR-Bright Futures--0059

Cor BF5

CoR-Bright Futures--00251

Bruce, the CoR director, describing the story and vision of the mission:

Cor bf 4

CoR-Bright Futures--0055

Cor bf3

Heading over to the new school location:

Cor BF

CoR-Bright Futures--0065

One of the high school students giving a speech:


CoR-Bright Futures--0080

The students were holding up signs marking the location of each classroom, the library, cafeteria, etc.CoR-Bright Futures--0082

CoR-Bright Futures--0085

CoR-Bright Futures--0089

CoR-Bright Futures--0090

A student, the after school programs director, and the youth pastor:CoR-Bright Futures--0103

CoR-Bright Futures--0117

CoR-Bright Futures--0106

CoR-Bright Futures--0114

Several teachers and students from Bright Futures:

CoR-Bright Futures--0115

CoR-Bright Futures--0105


3 thoughts on “Bright Futures”

  1. You did a wonderful job photographing this event! It seems like it would have been a challenge to be in so many places at once! :) The catering, meal, and everything looks so tastefully and beautifully done. What an honor for you to be a part of that!

  2. Wow! It makes me happy to see new things happening at City of Refuge! Such a great place! And yes, the pictures are lovely and tell the story so well!!

  3. I am so glad we stopped in to see you all and the City of Refuge. It’s neat to be able to envision where this is all taking place! :) You did a great job with the photo’s….as usual!! :)
    So many beautiful smiles!

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