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Occasionally I give in to online shoe browsing.  Being minimalist requires what you have to be universal, but sometimes it’s fun to imagine buying a variety of colors and styles. I really don’t have very many shoes myself–like maybe four pairs of shoes, two pairs of sandals, a pair of boots, and several pairs of flip flops.  It’s just one of the ways I’ve tried to simplify.  Obviously I could cut a few more if I was really serious about it.

Simplifying needs to work with your lifestyle.  I have one pair of silver/gray flats that I wear to church, to any special event, to go shopping, or basically anytime it is too cold for sandals.  That works fine for my lifestyle, but I know a pair of shoes couldn’t be that universal just anywhere.

I’m starting to see that I may as well add a pair of more casual flats to my collection.  Not only are the silver flats a little too dressy at times, but they wear out quickly when they are worn so often.  I may as well have a dressy flat and casual flat–more variety and the dressy pair will stay dressy for longer.  Occasionally I look through the Toms website again and wonder if I could pull off the look.

Then I get distracted by the cuteness of the boy’s shoes:

For Zac:


For Ian:

For Pax:

For any or all of the boys:



What is great about this company is that they donate a pair of shoes for every shoe purchased. Shoes protect children from infections.  (Since moving to the city I have often been scolded for wearing flip flops instead of shoes on the boys at parks; I’m starting to remember.) In some places they are required for school enrollment.  You can read more about their mission here.

Now if only we could find a few of these at a yard sale. :)



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  1. i love shoes. no. i mean LOVELOVE them. :)
    i wear my favs really hard. and just in the last weeks have had two pairs finally give up.
    what you posted ^^^ cute!

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