Seeing God in the Everyday

What the AirBnB post is the last one I wrote here? That was so long ago and–in my mind–I’ve written so many since then that it’s surprising to come back here and see the last post at the top.

I have quite a few pictures to show you, but just to get this thing going again I’ll write a quick post about what has been on my mind lately.

It’s simple–

God's goodness to us shown in so many little ways:

:: I moved my little garden to the side of the house hoping I could get a little more produce this year.   A different level of sunshine and being behind a fence where passerby’s might not be as likely to pick the vegetables might help.  This spot doesn’t work so well, either, and most of the spring produce–lettuce, carrots, and radishes died before I could harvest them.  What did survive is tomatoes and jalapeno peppers.  And if there is one thing I LOVE in the summer it is fresh, homemade salsa.  Thank you, God!

cherry tomatoes

:: Zachary had to leave his cat in South Carolina when we moved, and we weren’t allowed to keep a pet at our first house in Atlanta.  We kept telling him we’d get him a pet after we moved.  Then we moved, and we couldn’t seem to find a pet. :(  Where are all those signs for “FREE KITTENS” you see everywhere in the country?  Do we really need to pay $60 to adopt a cat??!  We checked out a few pets on Craigslist, but didn’t find a good match.  Then one day we were leaving the pool and saw a notice for free kittens posted nearby.  Soon we were the owners of two fluffy balls of fur that made the boys smile from ear to ear.  Don’t stop praying about the things that are important to your children.

boys love kittens

:: You know how we all love to be celebrated on our birthdays–maybe go out for coffee with friends?  I’ve been rather spoiled most of my life with birthday celebrations and often more than one each year. Last year God met desire for for friendship the week of my birthday by sending a guest or friend to my house each day the week of my birthday.  This year I couldn’t really plan anything fun the day of my birthday because we were driving a 10+ hour trip.  While we were in Ohio I had the surprise of seeing really good friends, and got to sit and talk with one for an hour!!  When we got back there was a card in my mailbox loaded with affirmation, celebration, and a Starbucks gift card.  I cried reading it because I knew God was sending me that coffee shop friendship I had been wishing for.



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  1. This post brings tears to my eyes… sometimes we just want the fireworks and big showy things to know God’s care and love for us…but this is such a precious reminder that He IS ALWAYS near, always loving, always caring. Sometimes it’s just having the eyes to see that. So much love to you. ♥

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