Prayer Request: Healing from Allergic Reaction

My heart is beating away in my chest.

Not because I have something thing scary or exciting or nerve-wracking to tell you, it’s just that my heart is BEATING away at a crazy rate.  It’s reminding me that I need more people praying.

Thankfully my health has gotten better little by little.  Every month I see small improvements.  I’m able to do a little more than I used to and still have energy in the evenings.  It’s really great, and my family is loving it!

Quick re-cap.  My body had hardly been absorbing any iron. Because it wasn’t getting the iron it needed, it was way over-producing iron to try to get enough iron out there.  There was iron in there–my body just couldn’t use it.

Two months ago we had to run some blood work, and found out my iron had gotten really low.  Now we had a new problem.  Absorption was low and the supply was low.  I started taking an iron supplement. After a few weeks I reread my dosage and realized I was taking one capsule morning and evening instead of my prescribed dosage of 3 capsules morning and evening.  That evening I increased the dosage.

The next morning I woke up with a crazy stiff neck.  While I was getting breakfast I suddenly started feeling so hot and my arms were prickling. I looked in the mirror and my face was bright red as though I had gotten a bad sunburn.  The redness and prickling was spreading up my arms, down my chest and up my legs so fast that I could watch it travel.

I called Michelle and was all, “Haha, so do you want to hear the next part of our weird health issues?”

She wasn’t laughing. But a whole lot more like, “You are having an allergic reaction.  You need some Benadryl NOW,” and setting up emergency call plans. :) I was still not scared, but I went to look for Benadryl.  By then my breathing was becoming labored, so I did get concerned!

We didn’t have any, and I called Steve to see if he could bring some for me.  Bless his heart, he was just ready to lead a volunteer group; but he checked with his boss and ran on a rescue mission.  (Thank you, employer, for being so flexible!)

Thankfully Benadryl calmed things down. It took us a little while to pin the allergic reaction on the iron supplement.  That evening when I took the next dose the prickling started within minutes.  I swallowed some Benadryl and went to sleep.

The reaction really attacked my iron levels, so I was even weaker and more fatigued than before.  Even after quitting the supplement I continued to have mild symptoms.  One night that week I went swimming.  I couldn’t even swim the length of the pool without stopping! I wondered if I was that out of shape, but I had run a mile not too many days earlier.  My breathing was so shallow I had to take a breath with every single stroke!  My muscles were cramping up and I was gasping for air so much, I was sincerely glad to be swimming within eyesight of lifeguards.  I do not freak out easily, but I did briefly fear drowning that night.

After getting out of the pool my muscles felt as though they were being tightly compressed.  My movement was so restricted I couldn’t raise my arms to shoulder height.  Even several hours later I could not lift Paxton or raise my arms above my head.

We were leaving to visit Steve’s family the end of the week, and my doctor didn’t want me to start something new while I was gone.  The fatigue was so severe that I was desperate.  I promised to carry Benadryl with me wherever I went, bought another supplement, and started on a very low dose.

The iron helped, and I only had mild symptoms.  However, they continued to build after continuous doses, and finally I had to quit.

My doctor had wanted me to take a liquid, but I don’t swallow medicine unless I have to.  She thought maybe there was another ingredient in the capsules I was reacting to. Focusing on iron rich foods wasn’t helping much and I agreed to starting a liquid supplement.

Sadly, it IS the iron I’m allergic to. :(   Instead of starting a dosage of iron my body needs, I started in on a very low dose.  Now I’m at half of that and even so I’m having random tingling in my hands, feet, and legs many times a day.  I had skipped so many doses because I was afraid of the reactions.  Now that I’m trying to take it twice a day–because it does help with energy–my symptoms are getting stronger.  The random tingling is just bothersome.  My heart racing bothers me more.

Sigh.  I really want to function again.–without the allergic reaction.  Friends and I have prayed the symptoms would lessen.  I’m asking if you could please also pray that these reactions would lessen go away, and in general for healing for my body.

Looking at the last few years from this side I’m seeing how God is redeeming this illness.  He has taught me so much about depending on Him, and about trusting His goodness. He is using it to pace me in this little mission we have here.  One more thing I really want to write more about sometime.  :)

Thanks so much to all of you who have prayed and who have shown me you care about what I’ve dealt with.  It means a lot to me!



13 thoughts on “Prayer Request: Healing from Allergic Reaction”

  1. I have read your health story with selfish interest. I have been anemic all my life but what you’re describing sounds like me so very much. I’m pregnant with my fourth and majorly struggling with this now. Right now I’m taking Integra Iron supplements and I also have the chlorophyll. My doc says I should start to feel better in two weeks. I feel rather cynical. We’ll see. BUT I will be praying for your health as well now and I hope you can find a supplement that doesn’t react so badly. It is indeed HARD to home school and keep two other boys busy and quiet and happy……plus feel like you’re gonna black out… keep a house and be a good mom and wife. It is true , God’s strength is made perfect through out weakness. God bless, Amy

  2. Praying God will grant you grace, healing and wisdom as you walk this path….and that He surrounds you with friends who can encourage and walk with you! Praying for peace and relief today.

  3. So sorry to read this! Sounds purely miserable. :( I was going to recommend the same thing Carmen did. My sister can’t take iron pills [they tear up her stomach] but was badly anemic. The chlorophyll worked great for her. But it may not for you. :(
    I will pray for you!

  4. Definitely will pray Christy!! Bless your dear heart. I cannot imagine having to deal with that, plus keep up w/ your family…. Know that I care….deeply. And I WILL be praying!! I’m jotting your name on a paper to remind me. Keep us posted.

    During one of my pregnancies I got really low on iron (anemic) and then started taking this instead of the prescribed iron that my Doc had prescribed. You are probably already familiar with that. Just thought I’d pass the info along in case you haven’t.

    1. Thanks, Carmen. I’m not familiar with that particular iron supplement, but all the iron I’ve tried have been natural supplements. :(

    2. I was just going to say the same thing. I’ve done the liquid chlorophyll with my last two pregnancies and it’s been very helpful. To my understanding, it isn’t really an iron supplement…. Maybe more like being able to eat a dishpan full of kale every day. All I know is that it works for me. :) I will be praying for you.
      ” I was encouraged today by these verses (5 days postpartum and trying to get blood pressures stabilized) “My help comes from The Lord, who made heaven and earth. He will not allow your foot to be moved; He who keeps you will not slumber…..the Lord is your Keeper, The Lord is your shade at your right hand…the Lord shall preserve your going out and coming in, from this time forth and even forevermore.” Psalm 121:2,3,5,8.

      1. Thanks for clarifying that for me. I may look into it. I hope your blood pressure stabilizes quickly! And congratulations on your new baby!!

        1. I think the chlorophyll is a good suggestion. From my understanding of chlorophyll, it contains no Iron, but has a strange similarity to hemoglobin, your body’s natural form of iron (

          I’ve read many reviews of people who claimed that chlorophyll helped them overcome the symptoms of Iron deficiency. You could also try natural “iron supplements” like black strap molasses.

          Whatever the case, we are very sorry to hear about this situation. Naomi and I will be praying for you.

  5. Joining the prayers. That sounds so difficult. I’m thankful to hear that your health is improving but I long for you to have complete healing!

  6. Praying for you Christy. So sorry!
    I have tho’t of you often this summer as I sat in the chair for 5+ weeks, recovering from Epstein Barr and more.

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