Summer in Atlanta

Random shots from around the city that I’ve taken this summer:

IMG_9397-Edit - Copy IMG_9436-Edit - Copy

The Farmer’s Market in East Atlanta:june 13 farmers market-1 - Copy june 13 farmers market-2 - Copy june 13 farmers market-3 - Copy june 13 farmers market-4 june 13 farmers market-5 june 13 farmers market-6 june 13 farmers market-7 june 13 farmers market-8

The Charging Spot in Atlantic Station:

july 13 summer atlanta-4-2

More from Atlantic Station–one of my favorite parts of the city:

july 13 summer atlanta-5

The city is just beautiful on rainy nights!

july 13 summer atlanta-6-2 july 13 summer atlanta-7 july 13 summer atlanta-9

july 13 summer atlanta-9411 july 13 summer atlanta-9413 july 13 summer atlanta-9414 july 13 summer atlanta-9415 july 13 summer atlanta-9416

Do you ever take a picture and you can’t delete it even though technically it’s a dud?  This is one for me.  It’s blurry, crooked, and the composition is a little off, but to me it shows one slice of the world on warm, peaceful, summer evening.  july 13 summer atlanta-9420

Kickball tournament at Piedmont Park–Atlanta’s version of NYC’s Central Park:

july 13 summer atlanta-222 july 13 summer atlanta-223 july 13 summer atlanta-224 july 13 summer atlanta-227 july 13 summer atlanta-228 july 13 summer atlanta-232 july 13 summer atlanta-233 july 13 summer atlanta-238

 One of the many construction sites around town.  We’ve enjoyed watching a high rise being built from the ground up.  We count the levels as we drive by almost weekly–they are up to the 22nd floor now.

july 13 summer atlanta-9602 july 13 summer atlanta-9609


6 thoughts on “Summer in Atlanta”

  1. I love it! I feel in love with city life when I was a teenager and a part of me would love to try it out. It’s also nice to see a glimpse of “the Southern City” again. I never got to explore it like I wanted to (which makes me sad), but I did visit briefly a couple times.

    1. I love living in the city, and I’m guessing you would, too. Southern cities are so different from the ones I knew up north. They are more spread apart–there are hardly any row houses–and they transportation system is considerably more limited. You can’t really get around without a car too easily.

  2. Atlanta looks like a really good place to live. :) I love how you find such beauty and uniqueness there, even though you also see the hard and sad parts ot if as well.

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