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There are several ways to follow blogs.  1) Check back on your favorites to see if there are new updates.  2) Follow blog links posted on Facebook, and hope you don’t miss the best ones.  3) If the blogger has set up an email subscription option, have blog posts delivered directly to your email inbox. (See the sign me up button for this blog’s email subscription at the top right of this blog) 4) Subscribe to the blogs you like to follow using a blog reader.

I prefer using a blog reader and had a few days of panic (just being dramatic) when I heard Google Reader was set to expire this past July. Since it’s demise, Feedly and Bloglovin have taken some of the top spots in blog readers.

I have learned to love Feedly, although some friends are not finding it so user-friendly.  Ideally we would sit side by side, and I’d show you how to navigate it’s pages.  Since that isn’t possible I’ve put together tutorial for you.

After watching the video a few times I’m shaking my head, and wishing I could re-do it all! Sometimes I talk really fast and move around quickly and the video is really shaky, so hang on. :)  I am hoping that this tutorial–even though it is a little scattered–will help make following blogs easier for someone.

Because the video is really long, here are a few main points covered with the minute and second where they can be found.

How to add content (a new blog) to Feedly (1:33 and 4:52)

–What to do when you search for a blog, and it doesn’t come up in the search results (2:37)

–How to organize your content into categories  (3:14 and 5:49 and 15:19 and 17:37 and 17:55)

–How to remove a blog from Feedly (6:00)

–Keyboard shortcuts (6:14)

–How to customize your page so that you can cover content more quickly or enjoy it more visually  (6:41)

How to read your subscriptions the way you used to on the subscriptions page of Xanga. (13:10)

–How to mark a category or blog as read (9:08)

–Setting Feedly so that when you click on the title of a blog post, instead of showing you the post in Feedly you will be taken directly to the blog post. (15:53)

–How to save a post for later (same as Favorite in Google Reader), so that you can easily check back on it. (_:_ and 14:50)


Here is a well-written blog post with pictures telling how to subscribe to blogs via feedly.

Have you used Feedly?  Which features do you like?

Do you have a question that was not answered in the video?  If you still have a question about something covered in the video, leave it in the comments below, and I’ll do my best to answer it.


14 thoughts on “How to Use Feedly”

  1. Well done, Christy. I didn’t think I needed a tutorial considering I have live-in tech support. :) But wanted to watch anyway, because it’s you. You explained things very well and I did learn a thing or two. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for posting this Christy! Shockingly, I didn’t even know there was any such thing as a reader and now I’m hooked! I also downloaded the feedly app to my Android and really like that (although, its not as easy to add blogs, so I usually save that for when I’m on the computer).

  3. I have used Bloglines for years and find it very easy to navigate….but maybe I should switch to Feedly? Have you ever tried Bloglines? Just wondering if I’m seriously missing out by not using Feedly. :)

    1. I have not used Bloglines. I know there are several reputable readers out there, but haven’t experimented much. You could Google a comparison between Bloglines and Feedly, and see if there are features you want to hang onto or are worth switching over for.

  4. i’m actually SO excited now to use feedly!!! i had no idea all the stuff you could do w/ it.. the categorizing and shortcuts and changing the view!!!!! i’m feeling a bit like an idiot now that i didn’t explore it more before bashing it. but i AM glad you saved me the time and the headache {since i’m not techy} by researching all these gems for me!!! thank you so much. i know this was no easy thing w/ 3 little ones but wow! so very helpful.

  5. :D Well, thanks. I’m coming to peace with it after years of hating what sounded to me as a babyish voice. :)

  6. THANKYOU christy!! it was helpful! there was alot I knew but I also learned a bunch. I hadn’t done anythign w/ the category thing, so now I’m excited to divide everything into differant groups. Also the marked as read feature was also new to me. (I know, where have I been??)
    I actually started watching the video just to see you and hear your sweet voice, which was kinda a little treat:-) Now I’m wondering what was that thing on the wall behind you, with the trees? Is it a tapestry, or painting?? I am so curious!

    1. Oh, Thelma. I am simply giddy that I know you so well because…. I so nearly snapped a picture of that thing with trees and posted in this same post with a caption, “For Thelma: because I know you’ll want to see it.” :D :D It’s a shower curtain I had been planning to use for a curtain in our room. Our bed has those really high posters (Regretted Purchase Since Two Years of Marraige)). I’ve been trying to think how I could update the look a little. So when I got the curtain I hung it up there for a minute and loved it right away. Additionally it provides an actual point of focus in our room and hides a door we don’t use. I will try to post a picture sometime. :) It’s temporarily hung, but I want to find a way to make it stay put a little better.

      Also, I’m glad the tutorial was helpful.

      1. haha. I LOVE IT:-) that makes me feel warm and fuzzy as well. i might just have to watch the beginning minutes again just to look at it one more time:-)

    1. Ha! Thanks, Shannon. I’m kind of happy that {you} learned something since you seem to figure out everything so quickly. :D

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