On Regaining Strength

Hey, everyone!  Judging by the blog our life pretty much revolves around homeschool and my health.  I think…think…it’s a bit broader than that.  But tonight is again a little blurb on health.  A few people asked me how I was doing after I wrote my last post on reacting to iron.

After trying three different supplements and reacting to all three, we decided to go another route.  I’ve been trying to eat even more iron rich foods, bought a cast iron skillet, and have started taking these greens. and I’m still taking Sweedish bitters and vitamin C to increase iron absorption.

After a week I started seeing a gradual improvement, and by now we’ve seen a definite change in energy!  I have even been able to do some cleaning four days in a row which is pretty amazing.  Of course being able to accomplish things becomes exciting and I work myself to a fatigue.  Fatigue is much more bearable when it’s because I was working too hard for what my body can handle compared to being fatigued by almost nothing.

Some meals those brown and green liquids I need to glug look pretty disgusting, but knowing the difference they make for me–and then also my family–makes the swallowing easier.

I am so incredibly thankful for the healing that has happened already, and very excited for more to come.  God deserves so much praise!

Wild Salad with flowers

Okay, hopefully the next post will be a little more interesting. :)  Good night and good health to all!



7 thoughts on “On Regaining Strength”

  1. So glad you are feeling a bit better! And I don’t find these kinds of post boring at all…it’s fascinating learning about things like this I think.

  2. So glad your feeling better. I’m struggling with low iron too but don’t have all the symptoms that you’ve had. Mainly its been too low to give blood but this last month it didn’t even register on the machine which means it was lower than 10. What do you think has helped you the most? I’ve been taking herbal iron for a while now.
    You probably don’t know me, I’m from Martinsburg Oh and my parents are Arnold Willey’s from Abbeville.

    1. I’m sorry. :( It’s really tough being so fatigued! The greens have been monumental since I started them a few weeks ago! They really don’t taste horrible, and they don’t have an aftertaste. I take them in orange juice to increase iron absorption. The bitters are also for absorption and make a big difference for me. I haven’t noticed much change with or without the vitamin C.

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