He is the GREATEST and loves the LEAST

Yesterday Psalm 146 made me tear up at the goodness of God.


KEEPS truth forever

EXECUTES JUSTICE for the oppressed

GIVES FOOD to the hungry

GIVES FREEDOM to the prisoners

OPENS THE EYES of the blind

RAISES those who are bowed down

LOVES the righteous

WATCHES OVER the strangers

RELIEVES the fatherless and widows

TURNS UPSIDE DOWN the way of the wicked.

I wish the picture in my mind would translate more easily into words.  Driving through the wealthy parts of Atlanta into the ghetto makes this contrast so real to me.

In this world so many people are doing everything they can to get to the top.  People want to get close to people who are successful.  People want to be associated with the best, the accomplished, the popular ones.  It’s like the eyes are all looking up–searching for more. For better. For a way up.

Then there’s God who already is at the top. He’s not looking around to make sure His position remains secure.  He’s not looking around at everyone wanting to be like Him and smiling smugly at how well He’s done.

No, He cares so incredibly much about everyone–the successful and the not so accomplished. That as the KING of kings He cares so very much about the broken and helpless touches me deeply.  This is how I want my heart to be shaped.

If some of these descriptions fit you–hungry, oppressed, bowed down–pause for a moment to savor God’s compassion for you

Happy is the man

who has the God of Jacob for his help,

whose hope is in the Lord his God

Pslam 146:5


7 thoughts on “He is the GREATEST and loves the LEAST”

  1. well, this made me tear up tonight… loved what you said about God already being at the top –
    how we chase and search and are always trying to get to where we think we should be and there sits God, waiting.. ever patient. ever loving. ever good.

    encouraging words for me right now.
    thanks, friend. xo

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