Autumn Joy

13 Nov Atlanta photographer lifestyle-230  Today was extraordinarily beautiful in the most normal day kind of possible. There were precious moments one after the other–

Baby hugs–Paxton gives them best,

13 Nov Atlanta photographer lifestyle-238

At break time the boys were chopping down tall weed in the backyard that they were pretending were tall tress (“TIMBER”) then big, bad wolves.  Imagination + natural play + outdoors + getting along superbly = extra long break.

Watching the boys play so well together just makes my heart sing.  Allllllllll those interventions, all the times I’ve helped them rephrase angry or frustrated words to kind words, all those times we have tried to train their hearts to love like Jesus as so worth it!!  Siblings as best friends are a lifelong gift.

13 Nov Atlanta photographer lifestyle-154

I’m making peace with the fact that, while I LoVe structure and schedule, free form fits with us quite well.  To simply stretch morning break until lunchtime then follow lunch with story time instead of the usual break is perfect for us.  Epiphany.  Release the guilt for not sticking to a schedule.

While they were having their break I cut and glued and put together a little fall banner.  So fun!!  This is the first of three years that I’m able to add some seasonal décor to our house.  It’s only a tiny little bit, but it’s still a little.  I love that I can create, that there is that fun little change in a room, and that it feels fun and not like something I need to do.

13 Nov Atlanta photographer lifestyle-215

At lunchtime I handed peanut butter and honey sandwiches out the door then just smiled at the outline of three boys sitting on the steps together eating them.  Soon one little boy moved to a truck and one ate his sandwich while crawling through a fort.  Most days we sit at the table for lunch and eat together, but some days I hand them something on the go.  It makes for quick clean up, too. :)

When the boys came in they exclaimed and exclaimed over the banner.  They fill my love cup with their affirmation.  Ian said, “Sanks for putting up some new decorations!”