On Christmas Day

Yesterday Marvin and Susan and their family came down to celebrate Christmas with us. (We missed you, Rachel.) We had a wonderful day together.  They had a 2-3 hour drive, so we had a relaxing morning here then met them at IHOP for a Christmas brunch or lunch. :)

Susan, Katie, and Mary Jo had put together care packages  to give to homeless people around the city.  Two years ago their family had also given care packages at City of Refuge’s weekly street feeding.  Because there wasn’t a street feeding on Christmas Day, we drove around and found people here and there–something that’s not hard to do. We so admire Marvin and Susan for their generosity to everyone around them.  They give and give and are such an example of how Jesus wants us to live.  Their whole family being willing to spend Christmas day serving others really blessed me.

13 December-9973

Our first stop was “The Bridge” where CoR feeds once a week. It’s a home for people year round.  Sometimes only a few people live here; other times it’s packed on the bridge and even below.  Because it was Christmas Day and there were events for the homeless being held in other parts of the city we met only three people here.

13 December-9996

It’s really neat the community people on the bridge have with each other.  Some people on the street will invent needs (a sick child, a wife “over there,”) so that you will give them a little more.  Other people really look out for each other.  When we got there Steve said this is a place we could leave extra packages if the guys have a buddy they want to give to and they really will save it for their friend.

13 December-9999

13 December-9989

This man had quite the little house set up with a kitchen, closet and odds and ends.  He had a lot of cats to keep him company. In the sphere of the homeless world he looks well established, but thinking just a minute about your own home makes this look soooo sad.

13 December-9987

This is the other side of Atlanta.  It is literally minutes from the main tourist hub, but it is seen by so few.  You could drive right past this bridge and have no idea it houses so many people in such a sad state.

13 December-9986

Some of the crusty, moldy food laying around was nearly enough to make me gag.  I love that our children see these things in real life.  It’s not like it takes care of all complaining, but it does help them see how rich they are.

Just now I showed the boys the boys this picture again and told them how glad I am to have good, fresh food even if it’s food I don’t care for.  I asked Ian if he’d rather eat beans (a food on his “yuck” list) or this crusty bread that cats have licked.

“Well….do I wike that b[w]ead?” When I told him that he likes it when it’s fresh and described again how gross this bread would be in this state.  “Ummmm,” he deliberated, “I’d take a piece of fresh bwead.”

So obviously it’s not like an instant lesson. :)  But the boys do really notice the people we see on the streets almost every time we go out.  One night we were eating Zachary’s favorite food, but instead of eating he sat with his head in his hands. When I asked him what he was thinking about out he said in a sad voice,”I was thinking about the people who don’t have food to eat.”

13 December-9981
13 December-9984
Petting the kitties

13 December-9985 13 December-9982

These are a few of the shelters on the bridge: 13 December-9979 13 December-9978

Yes, these are homes in modern-day America.

13 December-9977 13 December-9976 13 December-9975

I'm glad for this picture of our family.  When we say 
we live in Atlanta it can sound like glitz and glam.  
It's there around us, but our more present reality is the 
junk in the foreground.

13 December-9993

13 December-0002

Next we visited a park I pass nearly every week.   In warmer days people hang out here.  On colder days like this one you will only see piles of blankets.

13 December-0001

But under those piles of blankets are people. Jolly, sad, stoned, or trying to sleep it all away–and all needing love we have to offer.

13 December-0009

13 December-0004

13 December-0008 13 December-0007 13 December-0005

We headed out toward another park and passed out a few packages along the way when we saw someone along the street.  Other people had been out giving packages, too; and I could only imagine how much some people look forward to Christmas when they get a bonus few packages of snacks and toiletries.

The next park we hit was full of people and they flocked over as soon as they saw packages.  We didn’t even have enough to give one to everyone, but they were nice about it. We stayed and talked a little with people. Even more than things they need friendship.

13 December-0010
Looking for treasures in the trash.

13 December-0013

I told him he had a great smile then he felt self conscious about it.

“Wait until I get my teeth.  Then I’ll smile for you.”

13 December-0012

13 December-0015

After passing out the packages we drove over to the Westin to view the city from the 73rd floor.

13 December-0020

In this photo the Westin is reflected in the silver skyscraper.  Pretty cool.  I didn’t even notice that when I took the picture.

13 December-0024

13 December-0022
Marvin and Susan

13 December-0025

13 December-0027

I tried to get a picture of Ian in the lobby with the Christmas tree bokeh in the background.  It’s more sentimental than pretty I didn’t have my flash along and all he could think about was running to the elevator. :)

The elevator ride up is pretty amazing.  It’s a glass elevator on the outside of the cylindrical building, so as you ride up–at quite a clip–the city below you becomes smaller and smaller.

13 December-0049

The Sun Dial Restaurant and an observation level just above it both rotate very slowly at the top of the hotel.  The views are stunning!  We’ve been up once before at night which gorgeous.  It was fun to be up during daylight this time and see so many places we know.    13 December-0041 13 December-0039

The Georgia Dome is in the back left with the CNN building (blue awnings close to street level and red CNN letters at the top of the building)  just in front of it. Centennial Park is right in the center of the picture.  The Georgia Aquarium is on the right side with the little blue sign and the Coke Museum is just in front of it and only part of  the building is shown.  On the bottom left you can see the new ferris wheel that joined the downtown collection this past summer. The road road on the right side of the picture and goes past the aquarium and back into the woods looking part of the city is the one that takes you back to our house.

Atlanta is so different from the cities I had seen before–NYC, Baltimore, and DC.  Instead of tiny streets lined with row houses, you could drop to our place from the sky and think you had landed in a small town. There really aren’t many rowhouses, but lots of small homes.

13 December-0038

13 December-0037 13 December-0036 13 December-0033

This is the 75/85 winding through the middle of the city.  Buckhead is in the background on the right.13 December-0031 13 December-0029

13 December-0056
Steve & I
13 December-0059
Zac and Katie and their family

13 December-0051

13 December-0062

Happy times~

13 December-0061

Serving others is always such a good perspective shift.  On a Christmas when I was sad I couldn’t be with family I was reminded how blessed I am to have family and an incredible support system.

Sometimes serving is what you know you should do, but don’t really want to do it because you want to be served yourself.  I was feeling like that, too, until in a conversation one of my friends who was having a cozy Christmas said, “I wish I’d be passing out packages with you.” Then I remembered how many times I had been in a perfect environment with all the friends and food and comfort you could wish for, and wished I could be making a difference to someone who didn’t have all that. On this Christmas I remembered that it is an honor to serve the least and by serving them serving Jesus. (Mathew 25:40)

If a commission by an earthly king is considered an honor,     how can a commission by a Heavenly King be considered a sacrifice? – David Livingstone


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  1. I’m just getting to catch up on a few blogs since being gone for ten days, and before I even read your blog I was thinking of all the homeless people, on this very cold cold day. And then I read this, and see your pictures, and I just want to cry… Our home is old and drafty, but it keeps us warm when we’re bundled up. And we can start a fire in the hearth. We’re no where near freezing to death. I simply cannot imagine living and knowing I could freeze to death that night… What a hopeless, helpless life!

    Also, I am so very challenged by your attitude of servanthood. It’s not any family who would spend the day on Christmas on the streets helping other people, rather than sitting in the warmth and comfort of their own homes. I’m a little jealous of you. :)

  2. wow. stunned. interested. sobered. and challenged.

    i’ll admit that most of my own interaction in the moment with things like this in a city has been to tell my kids not to make eye contact. seriously. while there have been times of simple deeds, mostly by Myron, I am honestly just plain scared and I don’t want someone latching onto one of my kids. we’ve had negative experiences and perhaps I am unfairly applying them to others.

    somehow it seems all wrong to be admitting this online! :) gulp.

    it’s easy peasy to sponser a child from a distance…and never get dirty. I was shocked this past summer when we experienced our van battery dying in D.C., being the one in need… and the NUMBER OF PEOPLE who would not make eye contact with me as I asked for help!!! hear the bite? ;)

    love this post. you. your family.
    and am reminded that “being deeply touched is not the same as being changed.”
    so with me being touched here, thanks, :) I am needing to be deliberate about my participation in The Changes He has ahead.

  3. This is a window into a side of life I don’t know about. Thanks for the peek. Even my 3yo was interested and asking questions about the “poor people.”
    And you’re looking so well in these pictures! :)

  4. The boys and I pored over the pictures as I tried to explain to them what it’s like for the homeless people. I was hoping for compassionate responses, but mostly they just couldn’t figure out why the guy didn’t sell his necklace so that he’d have money for food. It made me realize how much our worlds shape our children’s abilities to comprehend things and how little exposure they have to people who are destitute even though we are surrounded by somewhat poor people. Hopefully I can give them a bigger window in the year ahead.

  5. This post really touches me. I would have loved to hand out packages with you all. We are thinking of spending a little time in GA after my BIL’s wedding the beginning of February. I would love if it would work out to see you and see Atlanta as you experience it. I am not sure yet how it’s all going to go.

  6. What a good reality check. It reminds me that I have it so good compared to others (close) around me. I just love your pictures, as usual. And I think that pic of you and Steve is pretty smashing I might add. You are looking so fine…. ;)

  7. This makes me wish all the more that we could’ve passed out packages with you. While we try really hard to keep our family aware of what’s happening outside of our own warmth and community, there is nothing like SEEING it, like you said.

    Did you ever hear the story behind the movie The Christmas Choir?

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