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This year I had the sweetest surprise gift in December.  One of the girls who had come down to help  me a few times last spring messaged me to see if I might want her to come decorate our house for Christmas.  It was the best gift anyone could have given me!

I love making our house feel cozy, but in the last couple years have really not been able to put effort into decor at all.  I’ve done basically no Christmas decorating since moving to Atlanta.  The first year we moved here I couldn’t find my box of holiday decor (I’m beginning to wonder if I sold all of it when we moved!) The next year I was pregnant and sick.  The next year I also wasn’t feeling well enough.

This year was going to be the year!!  But then I had a huge health dip in November, and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do much after all.  I was simply overjoyed to think of having a few of those fun touches that just make a house feel like Christmas.

Having Bridgette offer to decorate was especially sweet because it’s something I would really, really want to have done, but it’s not something I would have asked someone to do for me.  There were still so many basics–sweeping the floor, wiping the booster seats of after dinner crud, making healthy food to eat–that were hardly getting done, so I wouldn’t have been likely to make it a priority.

Sadly I didn’t take pictures of all of it or any of it until the greens were browning, but these pictures will still give you a little picture of the prettiness:

13 Dec-9831 fake snow  Bridgette came in the door with Huge boxes of stuff.  She had made a cinnamon dough then she and the boys shaped them into ornaments and I made a little centerpiece for the dining room table.  Baking the ornaments made the whole house smell soooo good!ginger


gingerbread tree

christmas wreath

While Bridgette added pretty touches all over the house and wrapped greens and lights around the porch railings, her husband Jason played with the boys building a fort in a creek across the street, fishing in the same creek with sticks and strings, and playing games. The boys didn’t want them to ever leave!

14 Jan-0302

Steve said all the little touches was good for us all mentally.  So true!  It’s amazing how adding beauty gives you a feeling of happiness and make you feel like you want to stay and enjoy being there.

14 Jan-0274

AND over the last month Steve made a little side table for me out of scrap lumber.  Now it doesn’t at all look as though it was made out of scrap lumber, but just as great as the side tables from Target that cost $100+!  Just as it was time to paint the table, I got a coupon for a free sample of a fall line of paints Home Depot carries.  I had a color in mind and thought they might have something similar.  They did have one color very much like the one I had wanted and I didn’t need to deliberate between 10 shades of the same color.  :) I got the one turquoise-ish color in the line, and it is perfect! handmade sidetable

My friend Amber used a hanging branch in her Christmas decor, and I was in love.  Steve hung this one for me one evening.  So fun.

I really loved this Christmas card display Bridgette made!

christams card display

(I’m not sure why Paxton thought we should add a pile of dirty laundry to these pictures.)

14 Jan-0314

Bridgette brought this wreath ready to hang.  I love it.   13 Dec-9865

And she made a sweet pinwheel garland. 14 Jan-0285

Everything she brought was so tasteful and fit perfectly with our house. We have enjoyed it  all soooo much.

handmade side table

14 Jan-0327

14 Jan-0287 14 Jan-0298

Bridgette and Jason, thank you so very, very much for blessing us with such a creative gift.  The way you give selflessly and generously reflects Jesus to the world around you.

DIY christmas decor

christmas decor DIY



9 thoughts on “Christmas Pretties at our House”

  1. What an amazing gift!! Not only was it a very kind thought, but even her preparing things in advance to bring along was so thoughtful! Her style is so elegant and lovely, and I love the fresh greens too. You must have felt SO loved by this! I know I would. :) xoxo

  2. Wow, that is an awesome surprise Christy! The decor is beautiful. And I love that stand that Steve made….and that paint color IS perfect for it.

    YOU are blessed. :)

    Sending my love to you….have a wonderful day…hope you are feeling healthier with more energy this month. Xo.

  3. What a gift! So glad you were blessed with that little bit of happiness to cheer your holidays! :) It’s all so beautiful! I pinned your card holder for a future idea….love it! Also, the table Steve made for you is lovely and the color you chose is a great accent for your living room! :)
    (Jason looks familiar…is he from GA?)

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