The One and Only Snow of January 2014 in Atlanta

Part I

Wherein we play in the SNOW.

Like real snow.  It was so unbelievable except that it was real and cold and wet and white and totally believable!

14 jan Atlanta snow-9955[[Snowflakes on eyelashes]]
14 jan Atlanta snow-9949

In the morning I told Zachary that if it snows for real, we would put away our school books and ENJOY the snow.  We got through phonics and language when it started snowing like I haven’t seen it snow in years!  The air was thick with tiny flakes and it looked like the kind of snow shower that would last for hours.

14 jan atlanta snow baby

14 jan Atlanta snow-9952

The boys put on coats and gloves and hurried outside.  It wasn’t too long before they were cold. We ate lunch then I bundled them up in layers–pajamas then shirts and pants and sweaters and hats and coats and mittens (or socks) and two pairs of socks on each set of feet and boots (one pair lined with plastic bags) or the most waterproof shoes we could find.  This time they were toasty warm and so fat they nearly fell over from a finger bump. =)

14 jan atlanta children playing snow

The beauty of the snow was enchanting, but I must say the beauty of these little boys in the snow is what really caught my eye.  They were so adorable!!  It is so much fun seeing them enjoy something that was such a part of my growing up years.  Knowing snow days, sleeping in, hot chocolate, sledding until your fingers and toes are nearly numb, standing at the window mesmerized by the falling snow is all such a part of winter–real winter. :)

14 jan atlanta snow children

14 jan Atlanta snow-0073

14 jan atlanta snow children playing cold

14 jan Atlanta snow-0066

14 jan atlanta snow children playing

14 jan Atlanta snow-0054
Zachary pretending to be afraid of Paxton’s snowball

14 jan Atlanta snow-0055  14 jan Atlanta snow-0067

14 jan Atlanta snow-0068
“Cold. Cold. Cold.”
14 jan Atlanta snow-0079
Daddy is home early!!!

14 jan Atlanta snow-0080 14 jan Atlanta snow-0081 14 jan Atlanta snow-0088  14 jan Atlanta snow-9985 14 jan Atlanta snow-9989 

14 jan Atlanta snow-0097 14 jan Atlanta snow-0115 14 jan Atlanta snow-0119

Part II

Wherein the boys warm up with hot chocolate

14 jan Atlanta snow-0015 14 jan Atlanta snow-0018 14 jan Atlanta snow-0020 14 jan Atlanta snow-0022

Part III

Wherein we explore a snow covered city.

14 jan Atlanta snow-0126

We first returned a stack of books to the library.  At the first light a car so nearly slid into us.  I won’t say that we were only spared because of my scream, but it was pretty close. Paxton imitated the scream for about two blocks because he thought it was hilarious.

When I took out my camera to take a picture of a beautiful street there was no memory card in the camera!  Steve kindly drove back home so I could grab a card.  It was like a once in a lifetime opportunity(!!)–or at least a once-every-few-years opportunity. =)

As we rounded a corner close to our house we saw a guy getting out of his car because couldn’t make it up the hill. He was going to leave it parked at the bottom of the hill, but we thought it was pretty likely he’d get hit by anyone who was coming down too fast. We offered that he could park his car at our house.  He did and also accepted a ride to the train station.

The man was one of our neighbors we haven’t met, yet; we were glad for the chance to get to know him. When we headed back out we couldn’t make it up the hill, either! Steve loves a challenge, though, and after four tries and we finally made it over and out.

14 jan Atlanta snow-0128

14 jan Atlanta snow-0138 

It was a little crazy out there.  People were slipping around, so you definitely didn’t want to get close to other vehicles.  Most of the city streets had good flow which made it hard to believe the interstates were so jammed that people were stranded for hours.

14 jan Atlanta snow-0143 14 jan Atlanta snow-0150 14 jan Atlanta snow-0153

I thought the couples strolling through the snow were so cute.

14 jan Atlanta snow-0154

A little tipsy

14 jan Atlanta snow-0155

Peachtree Street14 jan Atlanta snow-0156

14 jan Atlanta snow-0163

14 jan Atlanta snow-0171

14 jan atlanta frozen fountain  14 jan atlanta snow 2014

14 jan Atlanta snow-0176 14 jan Atlanta snow-0190

Part IV

Wherein we find places to go sledding

14 jan Atlanta snow-0206 14 jan Atlanta snow-0210

14 jan atlanta snow 14

14 jan atlanta snow park 14 jan atlanta snow

14 jan Atlanta snow-0238

Our neighbor stopped by and said she had a great hill for sledding.  The boys took two cookie sheets and she supplied a table cloth and plastic tabletop. :) Hey, it worked, and they had so much fun together.

14 jan Atlanta snow-0248 14 jan Atlanta snow-0259  14 jan Atlanta snow-0265

She’s showing Paxton videos of the boys sledding.

14 jan Atlanta snow-0268 14 jan Atlanta snow-0272

14 jan Atlanta snow-0260

jan atlanta sledding 2014

jan atlanta sledding 2014 a

14 jan Atlanta snow-0275

jan atlanta sledding 2014 ab

Part V

This snow was the highlight of our winter, and was great while it lasted! With temperatures heading to the 50’s and 60’s in the next couple days we’ll probably only have a few patches left tomorrow.  

14 atlanta snow 2014

Here today and gone tomorrow.


Winter today and spring tomorrow--

That’s winter in the South.


17 thoughts on “The One and Only Snow of January 2014 in Atlanta”

  1. I’m with Michelle.. Can’t remember the last time I saw bare ground or temps over 30. Somehow though I never tire of seeing everyone else’s joy over the snow! It is magical stuff and brings out the kid in us all~

    Love all your pics!! So much fun. So much pretty!

  2. Yay! So glad you and your boys got to experience this. Looks like you all thoroughly enjoyed it. Zachary’s “pretending to be afraid” face is the best ever!

  3. These pictures are really amazing!! Snow is pretty in the city. Your boys are so cute drinking hot chocolate. And all thro this post, I was hoping to read about how Steve slid into a pole. ;)

    1. So…maybe I’m pretending that didn’t happen, or I don’t want to think about it. :) I’m SO thankful he didn’t hit anyone else. He was just driving, hit a bit of black ice–like hundreds of other Atlantans–lost control and slid into the pole. Thankfully it’s just body damage, though; and he is hoping he can fix it himself.

  4. All your pictures are SO pretty! You make it look so magical! And, I’m sure it was just that- magical! Some of my fav shots were the ones from inside the vehicle shooting out the front window with the wiper pattern on the window and the shinny city in front. Also, the one of Paxton with his hood up and all you see is the fur lining and no face :) Cutesy boys you have there!! What fun memories! I wish I could say I was as excited about our snow as you were!

    1. Those were my favorite pictures, too!! Oh, well, at least if you weren’t excited about the snow you didn’t have to deal with it for too long. :)

  5. Beautiful pictures of the city!! ….and of ur family. I’m jealous of ur pictures! I didn’t take many and the few I did take look nothing like yours!!:)

  6. I love it! That’s how we feel when we get a good snow. It doesn’t happen every year so we have to go do all the stuff in it while it’s here! Although, I’m sure we get it more often than you guys do! It’s amazing how it can just SHUT DOWN a city that is not prepared for it!

  7. Loved this! I am so happy for your boys that they got to experience a memorable snow day! What a blessing! (well maybe not for all the people stuck on the interstate….)

  8. I’m like a child about snow in that I see only all the fun stuff about it, so this post is esp lovely. LOVE that fur-lined face!!

  9. Winter today and Spring tomorrow? Sounds very palatable. I actually can’t remember the last time I saw bare ground …. or temperatures above 30 degrees. :) So, so glad your boys had this experience. Every child needs at least one good snow day!

    1. I can’t quite imagine! I have a new respect for the amount of work that goes into keeping after the dirt and snow and extra laundry that snow brings into the house.

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