Inspiration From Around the Web

One way to encourage your children to create art:

Almost free paper


For days you wish you could do more to change the world:

Stay-at-Home Moms with Missionary Hearts


Something to beautify your home:

A table-cloth from H&M




Something nourishing to cook:

Homemade beef broth


A great reason to come to Atlanta:

Georgia Aquarium’s Mommy and Me days are here


Something to try this week:

Having a “Yes” Day


Something to remember on days when parenting seems exhausting:

We are raising honorable men


9 thoughts on “Inspiration From Around the Web”

  1. i too didn’t know h&m sold housewares~ so fun! now i love that store even more. and i think i might need to use a bit of my birthday stash on that tablecloth!! ;))

    fun post. i like it!

  2. I just realized within the past month that H&M now sells online, and has a home line of products! That may or may not be good for me. :)
    …. The Stay-at-Home Mom with Missionary Hearts ~ I read that a while back, and it was so sooo good. So encouraging to my heart.
    …. the Aquarium mommy & me days sounds wonderful! I would love to do that.
    … I love the new look to your blog! So fresh and clean.

  3. thankyou for the aquarium info.we r going to take advantage of that, its a super deal! I need a trip to Ikea too, and maybe the zoo…its time to go to the city!

      1. I didn’t notice the 5 and under line, either! :( Speaking of deals, did you know kids eat free at IKEA every Tuesday? I’ve heard that all libraries in GA have a free pass for the zoo available to check out. Ours here do, but the are most often checked out. I would think you’d have a better chance to check out a pass if you’re located farther from the zoo.:) Those passes allow free admission for two adults and either two or three children. We have a years membership through April, so if you come before then maybe we could meet you there.

  4. Ooh, looking forward to checking out these links. I almost added that tablecloth to an h&m order last month . . . Still thinking that I should get it after seeing Ameliadesigns use it in a photo . so pretty!!

    1. Oh funny, I admired this table cloth in Amelia Designs’ pictures, but didn’t even recognize it when I saw it this time. I’ve only shopped H&M in store, and didn’t realized until this weekend that they carry products for homes.

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