Real Life at Our House

Lately it seems I’ve happened across so many thoughts along the lines of~

Let’s be real, and

Stop making your life sound perfect.

I’m not sure what to do with this.  Because I’m

ALL AbOuT being real.

I like friendships that are real. I want to be the kind of person

who doesn’t put up fronts and makes it feel safe for other

people to be real.  When I read about the

prettyifying of life I take a moment to check if I have

been doing that–making things sound

better than they are.

I don’t know.

14 Feb-1277

I certainly don’t mean to be doing that,

but it seems that lots of women think that

lots of women are glamorizing their lives.

While I try to focus on the positives, I wouldn’t want people

to hang out with me and think, “Wow, totally different world

than what she portrays.”

14 Feb-1299

It’s not something I should spend a lot of time

stewing over, I have learned,

because it can drive me crazy.  So I breathe a prayer that God

will help me be honest–not to pour out all the junk

and not try to make myself and my life look

so much better than what it is.

14 Feb-1282

It got me to thinking about real life.  What is real life here?

Facebook blurbs and Instagram photos fascinate me in that they give a picture of our life, but they are like one second glimpses.  Looking over my Instagram feed I feel this sense of home because it so depicts our life.  At the same time SO many details are left out because, hey, this is the world wide web and also, hey, I don’t have time to record every bit of our lives. An online presence may not be a complete picture, but it’s still a true picture.

Sometimes we have a moment of pure sweetness. My heart is so full, and I Instagram it. Ten minutes later everyone is fussing at everyone and I wish I could go hide in my closet. (And no, I don’t take a picture of the chaos before smoothing things over) It seems that a lot of life happens like that.  Bliss and mess tumbling over one another. Here are a few one second glimpses into what’s real today.

14 Feb-1265

Real is…

…GORGEOUS weather here in Atlanta.  Spring is here for real. To stay. I am happy beyond happy about that.

(…Oh, right, so this post has been something I’ve worked on over a few days, and now the weather is freezing cold at nights and the breaker keeps flipping which cuts off the HVAC and in turn keeps the house struggling to stay warm.)

14 Feb-1347
Zachary took this and the next eight pictures. If you want to get a picture of what your life really looks like, hand the camera to your child. Ordinary things are definitely worth photographing to them.

…procrastinating ridiculously putting together receipts and records for taxes.

…weariness at still fighting reactions to supplements one by one.

14 Feb-1322

…cheering new words, dry 2T shorts, staying upright on roller blades, reading through another book, a neatly folded stack of wash cloths, remembering to say thank you (“Sank you” to be correct) without being told.

…making a quick trip north for Steve’s grandfather’s funeral. Realizing again what a gift it is to have a godly heritage.

14 Feb-1311

…the richness of being with family on that trip and meeting my new nieces and seeing the boys playing with their cousins and even getting in on a big snow.

…waking up and catching my breath because I forgot the South is so GREEN already.

…waking up and catching my breath because I forgot our neighborhood looks so messy.

14 Feb-1367

today…taking a walk and feeling amazing.


…collapsing for the rest of the evening because the walk exhausted me.

….listening to my neighbor for over an hour while she told me about walking out of an abusive situation.  Being so proud of her.

…listening to my neighbor for over an hour while lying on the couch because I was too light headed to be up (and kind of wishing I could just rest)

14 Feb-1391

14 Feb-1310

14 Feb-1327

…laughing at the boys. 

…forgetting to write what they said and so forgetting what they said.

14 Feb-1354

14 Feb-1371

  14 Feb-1400

14 Feb-1401

Maybe this series of pictures is a little of what blogging brings up in us sometimes. We zoom in on a detail–

[[His hand! I can’t get enough of the cuteness. I could eat him up!]]

C Smucker Photography l Atlanta l 14 Feb-0521

and sometimes people just want us to take a few steps back,

so they can see the whole picture.  Yes, he is utterly precious.

C Smucker Photography l Atlanta l 14 Feb-0516

I have precious, too.  But at my house when there is precious it’s often also surrounded by not so precious.  Is it the same at your house?

C Smucker Photography l Atlanta l 14 Feb-0514


26 thoughts on “Real Life at Our House”

  1. I whole-heartedly applaud this post!!! I SO strive to be “real” in my online world as well….it isn’t always easy to do. We all want the picture of our life to be a pretty one! Anyways, I just happened upon a comment from you a LONG time ago (I am the worst at replying to comments) and yes we live VERY close to Brownsville, Oregon, and no that wouldn’t have been stalkerish in the least for you to pop over and meet me!! I would have loved that. So if you’re ever in the area again, I would totally love that. :) Blessings, and keep up the work on “being real”. We all love you for it.

    1. Thanks, Shelley!! I love your blog for many reasons and one of them being your realness. :) Thanks for the invitation. I got to visit Oregon twice last year, and I am DREAMING of it happening again. I fell in love with the place. I would love to meet you someday.

  2. Beautifully written post! You put words so perfectly to what I think about the real life/messy life dilemma. :) I have loved your blog since the first time I happened upon it, how many years ago? There is a life-giving feel to your words and pictures, and I don’t think I’ve ever even considered whether you are “real” or “perfect” because your spirit – and the feel of your blog- simply radiates life. Some people or blogs have a competitive feel to them, kind of a trying-to-out-do-everyone feel, but you have never felt that way to me. You simply LIVE, and I always feel privileged when I have a peek into your life, whether via blog or your lovely person. :) xo

  3. this reason is mostly why I cannot focus to blog anymore. because i cannot give a “real” picture of my life and sometimes it is easier to not even try. :) love to hear your thoughts on it and would enjoy a real conversation with you at the coffee shop/cafe we were at. instagram will leave the same effect, I think of it so often when I capture a peaceful scene in a otherwise loud, messy moment. There is so much surrounding the pictures….

  4. There is nothing more beautiful and poignant than real life, in all it’s messy glory. It’s what I love about you, your photographs,and your writing! You are so genuine Christy.

  5. i really liked this, Christy. I think maybe I struggle a bit with being ‘real’ because I want everyone to think the best of me. I don’t want them to know that I get behind on laundry and that im not a neat feak and that i can be very lazy etc. ;) I love love your perspective on this subject. I want to be honest on my blog….

    love you, dear!!

    1. Jennie, your blog feels very real life to me. I love it and how relatable you are. Your friendship is so special to me. Thanks for linking me, too. Kind of made me smile extra big when I got a pingback. :)

  6. yes. Precious AND not so precious. I never feel like your blog swings to the unrealistic perfection of a magazine page, nor do I feel like it’s so “real” it’s gritty and difficult to read about. I feel like we get a good picture of a family with it’s faith and it’s dynamic of life. Those are just the “impressions” I get while reading.

  7. You do a great job at sharing your thoughts! I so agree with you and I think we need to be reminded that there are beautiful things in the ordinary days. That is why I love reading blogs. It reminds me to take pictures (sometimes those are just in my memory) and enjoy the beauty in the midst of the mess. :-)

    1. I’m with you,Cindi. Blogs have helped me to enjoy the beauty in the ordinary days. Sometimes I need an escape for a minute and sometimes I need a blast of real life telling me I’m not alone. It takes more than one kind. :)

  8. I enjoyed this, especially the series of photos zooming out. :) My favorite one is of the wobbly joy. It’s just the way things are sometimes…joy is still there, but a little tippy.

    I face this also with blogging. I have my personal idea of the difference between real, oversharing, or quite possibly fake. I try to remember that the way I want to be given Grace is how I need to extend it, but to be honest, there are some blogs I just don’t read because I am not mature enough to handle the neatly edit ed and prettily packaged life. I know in my head that it can’t be so, that it is just one side… trying to grow up a little here. :)

    1. Yes, that joY is such a true picture of life. :) Your last paragraph had me nodding, and I love how you ended it. I feel that way often. :)

  9. I so enjoyed reading this and kept saying, “yes and yes”. thanks for putting this into words for me. and thanks for being real. and I say that in the truest sense possible. I admire you and your blog for it.

  10. Ah yes. The dilemma of the online world: how to find the balance between sharing the highs and lows of real life. I’m going to stick my neck out and say that we who blog may have less of problem with remembering that what we read is not the whole of their life. We know we can’t blog the whole of our lives. At least, most of the negative on this subject that I have heard, is from people who do not blog.

    1. Interesting. This makes a lot of sense. Although, most of where I’ve been hearing it is online. I know I’ve had this happen to myself, and sometimes it means it’s time for me to take a step back from the online world.

  11. So I guess I didn’t misunderstand my husband when he said his brother said it’s been down into the 20s at night. But it’s still warm during the day? That would be blissful! I am almost starting to think winter will never end! I don’t think we’ve had a single 70 degree day since last fall (October?) and we usually have a few unseasonably warms days spread throughout the winter to keep us feeling warmer! :)

    Bliss and mess all mixed up together- yes. That’s us. I think you do a pretty good job of keeping things real without being negative and saying too much. I don’t get the sense that you have a perfect life, but that there’s a lot of good mixed in with the hard.

    1. Yes, it has been cold at night. Thankfully our daytime highs aren’t predicted to go below 60 from here out, so I feel safely comfortable. :) I hope your spring comes soon.

      Thanks for the affirmation! It means a lot to me. Sometimes when I don’t really get what the fuss is about I wonder if I’m the culprit. Haha. :)

  12. Awww beautiful post. There isn’t one of us that doesn’t know the toy strewn, laundry filled house on one day or another. We all know the other has the same life, it’s just hard to remember that for some reason. :) Loved this look into your life. Cheers to the boys!

    1. I think this is where I would say “word” if only I could keep myself from responding with more than just one word. :) :) Happy Thursday!

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