Six Lessons I Learned by Fasting

I’m eating vegan following a 14 day fast/cleanse. I would have never dreamed I could really make it through a long fast, but I did! I had full time help with housework and childcare while I was on the fast which probably wouldn’t be necessary for everyone, but it was a lifeline for us.
Here are several things I’ve learned the past two weeks~
1) The l e s s  we have, the more grateful we become for how much we already do have. This has been a lesson I’ve been learning the last few years. Maybe that’s why seeing basic food through fresh eyes was so powerful to me.

Sometimes I love vegetables, but sometimes I’ve felt when they’re served alone, raw, they are just so blah. The dressing is the good part of a salad, right?  During the two week fast I had four days when I could eat raw fruits and vegetables. On those days, and especially now when I may also have them cooked or roasted or baked, I feel SO rich and lucky that I can eat such diverse, flavorful food! 


2) When we depend on God to nourish our souls, we will find Him to be delightfully enough. This goes back to the previous point a little. I looked at my bowl of vegetable broth the first or second day. If you had given it to me a few days earlier and told me it was my lunch I would have felt so cheated. No vegetables or thick chunks of meat–just light brown broth the consistency of water with a few seasonings floating near the bottom of the bowl.

On that day, I trusted it was all I needed to nourish my body just then. It was enough. When I tasted the broth, I found it so delightful.

I nearly got chills at the picture of how God’s provision has been just the same to us over and over. Sometimes it looks so bare–like all the essentials for making it are missing. But always, it is enough. Always. He is enough, and His provision is delightful. “I cry to you, Lord, I say, “You are my refuge, my portion in the land of the living. ” Psalm 142:5 “The Lord is my portion, therefore I will wait for him.” lamentations 3:24 

3) How to put down some water. So drinking 64 oz. is a daily minimum for me, but I was now drinking 20 oz. 5 times a day PLUS more water and juice and tea and vegetable broth besides for that.  Since drinking that much liquid in a days time, I no longer have to push myself to get in my daily 60-70 oz. Instead of forcing a glassful down, it’s possible to chug 20 oz. at a time if needed.

4) Getting rid of distractions helps us to really experience the core. When we stop hiding food in blankets of breading and dressings and sauces and sugar we will taste them like never before. I think this can translate to lots of other parts of life, as well.

5) Going through tough things helps us realize that we are stronger than we think we are. The next obstacle won’t look as big because we’ve gotten through this one. Running a 5K last year did the same thing for me.

I just had a motivational talk with the boys about becoming stronger by persevering through tough things while walking two miles on a library trip. However, experiencing something hard with a start and finish date again myself (in other words: not my health situation in general) makes me feel more ready to power through the next challenge.

6) Taking on a challenge will take an effort.  Life changes don’t happen easily and won’t fall into place on their own. We want the results, but results require us to take responsibility (or sheer desperation) to make it happen. We have to create space for them and put a plan in place.


3 thoughts on “Six Lessons I Learned by Fasting”

  1. I really love my vegan diet. I’ve felt nothing but fantastic in the past 3 years and I don’t see myself going back. If you want recipes or tips, feel free to contact me. Good luck!

    1. I’ve gone back to eating some meat now because I wasn’t able to get enough protein on the vegan diet and I eat animal products–well, mainly a little dairy, I guess. I would love to have recipes and tips!

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