Our Sundays–an Invitation to Rest

14 April-2755

Sundays have become one of my favorite days of the week because they are a day of refreshment. Most often we worship, rest, spend time together as a family, and plan for the week ahead.  Steve works so hard all week, and I LoVe that there is one day when he doesn’t work at all (aside from emergencies now and then).

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With such sporadic blog posts, it leaves a lot of gaps and sometimes people want to know more about what our life looks like.  Today I thought I’d answer two very common questions we hear:

Where do you go to church?


What do y’all do on Sundays?

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Sundays used to mean leaving the house around nine all dressed up, hoping our children would sit still in church that day.  We worshiped with several hundred people who looked very much like us.  We talked for a long time with our friends after church was dismissed.  Sometimes we ate a fabulous spread of homemade food at our friends’ house.  We’d talk for a long while around the table and the children would play with friends.  Then there was a little time at home for resting and playing and often another formal church service in the evening with more socializing afterward. We always enjoyed spending time with friends especially when we got into good discussions.

Our Sundays now are a lot more quiet. They don’t all look just the same for us except for two common factors

–a time of worship and learning more about what it looks like to be the body of Christ, and

–a day of rest and refreshment for our family.

After living here for three years we’ve kind of settled into a pattern with church by now.  We normally attend the church service at City of Refuge at least twice a month. The boys are in Sunday school the whole service. The Word is taught very simply because many people haven’t been churched their whole lives the way we have been. We always enjoy worshiping with the mission family and being a part of serving our community.  Steve ushers once a month and I’ve been working in nursery once a month as well. Here we could blend in whether we were dressy or showed up in sweatpants.  At this church the building is an old warehouse and anyone is welcome.  The history of the people gathered could fill a book with stories. (A few of the stories are compiled in this book)

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Once a month we home church.  We have one family–friends from South Carolina–who comes to have church with us. It has been SO encouraging to us to have this support and accountability.  It has helped us to be a little more proactive in moving forward in church building.  Having someone be present with us and see our lives here has been such a support, too. When we send them prayer requests they know the back story without us explaining a lot. We really love being able to have good conversations for several hours and our boys having little friends to play with.  We have a lot of guests and we love connecting with friends here  and there, but there’s something extra good about a friendship that keeps growing month after month because we can be in touch that often.

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At least once a month we visit another church in Atlanta. We’ve visited all kinds of churches and have enjoyed learning from the diversity within churches and from their unique strengths. Right now we often visit a new church plant friends of ours are starting.  Their church consists of two couples and and several adults including a guy who was formerly homeless and also meets in a home.

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After church we eat lunch and put the little ones down for naps.  Zachary and Ian get their weekly computer time and Steve and I get some time to chill.

After naps we nearly always go out to a park.  On low key days we walk to one of the two parks that is within walking distance from our house.  Other days we drive to a nicer park to walk and play.  We used to ride bikes sometimes, too, but Zachary’s and my bikes got stolen. Sometimes we do a combination of walking, riding, and roller blading–whatever it takes to get out and be active. It’s always so much fun and does us a world of good to get fresh air and sunshine!

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Steve found a pair of roller blades for Zachary at Goodwill which have been a HUGE hit. It took him a few days to get the hang of it, but he is loving them now.


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Parks are good places for the boys to find other children their own age to play with. I love how they can make friends with strangers within minutes and have the best time together.  Most often Zachary and Ian are the ones making friends, but recently it was Paxton who found a buddy.

14 April-2789
These two played and played and played together. It was so cute!

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14 April-2796
The city is full of people who are focused on staying fit–very inspiring.

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We get stretched thin during the week sometimes between work and ministry.   Having this day together as a family is so good for us–and so is having time for Steve and I to recharge. Even when we have company for part of the day, we often have several hours four our family to recharge together. Resting gives us energy for the week ahead. I love our Sundays!

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Driving back home is like a big contented sigh.  Everyone is a little tired from good exercise and happy from being together. We see lots of pretty shops and neighborhoods.

14 April-2746

14 April-2818

Spring was glorious on this Sunday and we drove through downtown, too, just because.

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Driving back into our neighborhood.

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When we get back home we might have popcorn or smoothies and we might play a game together or the boys might have little friends waiting outside to play with them. Sometimes we end up chatting with neighbors or having friends over. Whatever we do it tends to run along the theme of relaxed and happy making it feel like a true day of rest. =)

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He that can take rest is greater than he that can take cities                           – Benjamin Franklin

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Do you like Sundays?

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10 thoughts on “Our Sundays–an Invitation to Rest”

  1. This is the part where I am wistfully jealous about your life. :) Sundays being a day of rest just isn’t really happening in our part of the world! They tend to be the busiest day of the week, and while I very much enjoy the social aspect, I also would love for it to be true rest, and go into Monday refreshed and reconnected with the family again. I loved reading this, and hearing more about your world. xoxo

    1. I understand. I had a couple friends in SC who taught me to plan Monday morning as a rest time which was just what I needed when I had a crazy busy Sunday. I imagine at some point our Sundays may get busier, but I hope they can always be a time of rest. Worship is so important and there is value in corporate worship and shared serving, but if Sundays are for resting–well, let’s have some rest. =)-

  2. I loved hearing more about your world. I like the Sundays that are truly a day of rest, although sometimes they are not.

    1. Thanks, I’m going to try to do more posts like this. We’ll see…since I don’t have the best record for keeping up with plans. :) And on Sunday being a day of rest–me and you both!

  3. Your day sounds wonderful! Sundays are a highlight here too. Seeing our church family, time at home to relax, sometimes going somewhere in the evening, but generally keeping it low key! Weekends that we are gone and traveling home on a Sunday makes me really miss that day of rest!

    1. That sounds nice, Shannon. I think having the evening free to choose whether you spend it as a family or with other people makes SUCH a difference in whether a Sunday feels restful or not.

  4. I love Sundays! Sometimes the “day of rest” part is more metaphorical because they can quickly fill up with church and places to go. I love just stepping away from the daily grind and refreshing emotionally and spiritually. And I love my church too, which makes that part so meaningful. I love how you have quality family time…. the boys will always remember and appreciate that, i’m sure!

    1. That’s great. It’s so great to hear people say they love their church, and I loved hearing more about your church and why you love it when you were here!

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