Atlanta: A Collection of Pictures

 11 May_0476

This is a collection of pictures

I’ve taken of Atlanta.  It’s the part of the city

we see when we’re out on errands or being touristy.

It’s the beautiful part of the city that most people see and know–

where there are lots of flowers and clean sidewalks and streetlights.

11 May_0481

Our computer is jammed FULL right now, and I

have the fun job of cleaning it up this afternoon.  Whenever I

complain about how SLOW it’s gotten Steve always seems

to mention the enormous amount of pictures

I store on here.  Hmm.

I’m working on clearing some of the many pictures off

the computer.  I found this pack of pictures in an Atlanta folder.

I don’t remember if I’ve posted them before, but hopefully

you’ll enjoy a look around.

11 May_0488

11 April_0696

11 August_0619
I ADORE the moment of shared happiness in this picture.
11 Sept_0250
On lunch break
11 May_0260
A Tyler Perry movie set

11 Sept_0266

12 aug_2012 07 20_0330

12 aug_2012 07 20_0332

12 aug_2012 07 20_0348

12 aug_2012 07 20_0360

12 aug_2012 07 20_0388


12 July_2012 07 02_1260
A Target parking lot. The store is underground.

12 June_2320

2012 06 29_1052
Clothing boutique on the Westside

2012 06 29_1053

2012 06 29_1089

2012 06 29_1090

2012 06 29_1093

2012 06 29_1094

2012 06 29_1097

2012 06 29_1148

2012 06 29_1153

2012 06 29_1157


 2012 06 29_1166

2012 06 29_1168

atlantic station


5 thoughts on “Atlanta: A Collection of Pictures”

  1. Wow! Were heading down to Newnan in a few days. The last time we were down at Atlanta, we met up with some deer- they were so tame and didnt flinch when our car drove by.. or even when we stopped to watch.

  2. Wow, this was amazing! You capture Atlanta in so many varied angles, and I love that. The underground Target?? Whaaaat? The mother and child at the water fountain. The ATL playground. Boutiques. The sad and wayside places… I love how you capture it all. You make Atlanta look like an amazing place to live. :) xo

  3. I always love seeing your Atlanta pictures! You have an incredible gift of capturing what you see to show to the rest of us!

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