A Bee Story, Boys Sweeter than Honey, and a Little Health Info

Y’all I am sitting here feeling like a big baby!  I got about 10 bee stings tonight when we were walking home from the park and they h u r t–which I know is rather surprising since they are bee stings.

I unknowingly stepped onto their nest and while waiting on one of the little boys to catch up with the rest of the family, I just hung out right there.  Until–I felt stinging on my leg. I was expecting to see fire ants, but instead there were BEES flying all around me.

I would like to think I stay calm and collected in stressful situations, but I’m not bragging about that strength one bit.  Nope, not at all.  I stood paralyzed right in the middle of a swarm of bees.  You would think a person would move, but no.  I stayed there swatting and screaming and dropping my phone right into their nest!

Steve started yelling, (Oh, wait, that was Steve who really does stay calm always and forever) …um, directing, “Run! Run!” So we ran, and stopped and swatted and ran and swatted and ran. There were bees inside my clothes and the stings range all over from my lip to my ankle.

Ian was crying dramatically, but we didn’t know if he was getting swarmed, too, or if he was crying because he was scared.  He did end up with one sting. That would normally seem pitiable, but having ten and all…No, seriously, I was really glad I was the one who got so many stings and not the boys!  Zachary, Paxton, and Steve escaped without any stings.

Steve stayed near the nest for about 20 minutes until the bees calmed down enough for him to rescue my phone.  Yeah, he’s my hero!


We were not too far from our house, so Zachary biked ahead and the little boys and I meandered back. Ian first made up three rules for crossing the bridge to help us avoid stings then made up a song to help us be brave. It went like this:

We will not be afraid.

We will not worry.

We will trust in Jeeeeeeeesus.

When we got home (feeling plenty miserable), Zachary told me he had a surprise for me.  He led me up the steps to the house while I covered my eyes.  We got to the door and he told me to open my eyes to see a clean living room. He said he got home and cleaned it up for me as fast as he could, “Even though I was terribly hungry!” (That’s big stuff, y’all.  Hunger trumps everything.)  Then he made little ham and cracker sandwiches for the boys to eat and told me to sit down and relax.  Sometimes I’m just amazed at the sweetness that can spill out of little boys! 



This is a small collection of info about health~

~A blog post for anyone who is suffering from, or who knows someone suffering from an invisible illness: “But You Look Great”

~A few months ago I did a bowel cleanse and a liver cleanse consecutively.  I did get good results from it which is saying a lot for a skeptics like Steve and I. My energy had plummeted again, but after the cleanse it improved a lot.  I’m back to where I was last summer when I was at my strongest since working with the natropath.  While that not where I’d wish I’d be a year later, it’s still progress and at least I’m back on the top end.

For those of you who were wondering about the product I used, you can find it at this website.  The bowel cleanse is not too bad, but the liver cleanse is tough!

Cleanses are good for so many reasons and anyone who needs a boost of energy could probably benefit from doing one.  You can choose how intensely you want to cleanse by your food choices while cleansing.  You can eat your normal diet, hopefully eating at least somewhat clean, if you are healthy but would like a boost in energy. You can eat vegan if you’re tired a lot and would like a boost in energy.  Then if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired (That was me!) and want to dig deep, you can do a juice cleanse.  And just for peace of mind–you won’t be camped out next to the bathroom all day. I can imagine many people could do a cleanse while doing their life just as normal.

I have to warn you that the information that comes with the cleanse is biased against doctors and not necessarily respectful.  Normally that would probably make me throw out the product, but desperation won out. The information about food and the human body seems to align with other things I’ve been learning, and I recommend the product.

~Current health for me: After two weeks of cleansing I eased back into a vegan diet combined with the elimination diet.  I had just tested mildly positive for several food intolerances, so we’ve been slowly reintroducing foods to detect which ones are truly causing problems.

This has been such an eye-opening experience.  I have enough food intolerances that I was having symptoms all.the.time. Because they were nearly constant I didn’t pinpoint foods as being the culprit.  After eliminating the foods from my diet, it was so easy to connect symptoms with foods when slowly reintroducing them individually.

These are symptoms that have lessened or gone away completely since eliminating eggs, brewer’s yeast,  baker’s yeast, yogurt, and whey: fatigue, aching muscles or muscle pain, feeling heavy–as though there are weights attached all over my body holding me down, tingling in my tongue, arms, hands and legs, joint pain, blurry vision, brain fog, stomach cramps, bloating (I sometimes looked six months pregnant and I’m not kidding a bit), dizziness, lightheartedness, chest pain, rapidly beating heart, irritability, weakness, shakiness.

My diet is pretty restricted.  It’s difficult. However the difference in how I feel makes the sacrifice worth it!!!!!!!!!!  I get so many symptoms instantly after eating foods I should avoid.  While that’s bad news because a quick reaction means I’m pretty sensitive, it’s also good because it makes me determined to avoid them.

You know how you feel when you’re on a diet and someone serves warm chocolate chip cookies that smell and look amazing?  You know you shouldn’t eat them because sugar is bad and harms your body….but…just a bite, or a half, or maybe just one cookie wouldn’t be so bad?  It is just really hard to stick to a diet.  Well, instead, knowing that just a bite is going to bring instant aches, blurry vision, extreme fatigue, shakiness, brain fog, and more makes it so easier to say no.

I’m still in the process of testing foods (there is a loooong list) and also of learning which foods contain foods I know I shouldn’t have.  I still end up with reactions often because of that and sometimes they last a few minutes, sometimes a few hours, and sometimes a few days.  At least I finally have something defined to work with.  I don’t think food intolerances have been the only issue here, but they definitely play a big role.  I’m so happy to be kicking one more problem and making progress to becoming healthy.  Does anyone know…do bee stings have healing properties?  I was thinking maybe the shock my body went through tonight would count for something.  Haha.



23 thoughts on “A Bee Story, Boys Sweeter than Honey, and a Little Health Info”

  1. Christy, I’m behind in blogging AND reading them and just read this post. Wow… Not cool about the bee stings!
    But I loved how Zachary just took over for you. A friend of mine who also has health issues and I were talking about our amazing husbands, how they do so much more for us and help around the house more than “regular” husbands. One in a million those guys!
    I think God is preparing your boys for something special. Perhaps someday they will marry a girl who isn’t perfectly healthy and you will have given them all the experience and training needed! Not only that but the compassion and understanding to relate to people who are different.
    Also appreciated the link… “But you look great” I’ve been working through some of that with the nuero-psychologist and it was good for me to read!
    Blessings on your week!

  2. I’m SORRY about all those bee stings!:(:( How very sweet of Zachary to do what he did for you!!:) Wow! (Is this something you teach them? ) (We also have a Zachary). And I wish for you good health, Christy. I just can’t imagine how it must be/ must have been for you !!! I certainly take too much for granted.

    1. Thanks for the sympathy. It has been hard having poor health, but God has redeemed it in so many ways, too. One of those is that I need to depend on the boys more. We do try to teach them to take responsibility and think of others’ needs. I forgot that you also have a Zachary. Good to hear from you again.

  3. I am glad you are getting answers and hope you continue to learn! I loved the link on invisible illness. It is hard for healthy people to understand, but the best thing that can be said is I BELIEVE you!

    1. Oh, my, it sounds as though you KNOW what it’s like to have an illness like this. Yes, “I belive you,” can feel like an incredible gift! I’m wondering if you’re the same Megan I follow on Pinterest who has such a great books Pinterest board. :)

      1. I AM that megan! Like you mentioned on a pin once, we could “talk” books together! :) I also homeschool, have lived with IBS for years, (another invisible illness) and have always thought Georgia would be a great place to live! We could probably talk a lot of things! ;)

        1. Oh, please come visit me and we’ll get through a little bit of that talking with a coffee in our hands–or maybe a green smoothie. :) :)

          1. We do come through Atlanta on the way to Florida many Februarys. Problem is, about that point in the trip my husband’s eyes are glued to the road with only one goal….”get this van load of children to our destination ASAP!” :) :)

  4. I totally relate to what you have went through with your health. After my first baby 12 years ago I have had chronic pain with absolutely no answers. Tried and tried medical docs with no success. This spring I was recommend to a functional neurologist. It is a 6 month program. Lots of testing and therapy. I am 3 months in and my life is turning around. I am so thankful to God! To have hope of living a normal life. I have a lot of food intolerances too. And it is frustrating at times. But I agree. No temptation to cheat! And I am sure many people tell you different things that would be your miracle cure.:) I just relate to you so completely and wanted to encourage you.God bless and give you wisdom.

    1. I’m so sorry! So it’s interesting to me that chronic pain started for you after your first baby. I had some symptoms before pregnancy, but noticed a big change after the first birth, too. It makes me wonder if someday there will be enough research to explain all of this. I’m glad you’re finding some help!

  5. Actually, I think bee stings can potentially help certain things. There was a time when MS patients were supposedly getting good results from intentional bee stings. I have no idea if anyone still does it or not. But ouch! I can’t imagine 10 stings. That has to hurt so much!

    I am so glad you are getting better, and I hope sometime you can be totally healed. You look amazing, at any rate. I hope that counts for something! :)

    1. Someone said it can help with inflammation. If that’s true they stung the right two people in our family. :) Ha.

      Looking better Does count for something. :) I’m hopeful, too!

  6. Apitherapy! (Or “bee therapy”) It’s an old folk remedy. Sounds miserable though. :(
    Praying for you as you continue to deal with your health issues!

  7. Bee stings, so not fun! I think of you so often with your health issues and know how much I take for granted what I have. I’ll keep praying for you!

    1. Health is definitely one of those things we always expect we’ll have. I know even now I have a lot to be thankful for health-wise!

  8. Just wondering if any dr ever tested ur thyroid levels? I’m only learning how huge n far spread thyroid disease is in various women.. I am currently undergoing close evaluation for an overactive thyroid n many of my symptoms were similar to what u mention.. Just a thot for whatever it’s worth :) praying u will find ur health restored one day soon!

    1. Yes, my thyroid has been tested. It seems as though it might be contributing to my poor health, but it’s not out of balance enough to have been the main problem. Thanks for your prayers and well wishes.

  9. Christy, I think of you often and am still praying for you & your health. I would love to actually meet you some day! :) I am always so blessed by your postings.

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