Loving Summer


Oh, this has been such a beautiful summer!!

1. Ian reading at Barnes and Noble 2. Pax and Zac reading while waiting at the chiro, 3 Pax being cute 4. Perfect puddle and boy combination 5 Being a bat 6. Enjoying the park 7. Playing with friends at IKEA 8 Chasing our kitten that lasted for, um, six weeks or so 9. Storytime at the library 10 Finding Nourish in a shop 11. Pax playing with moon dough 12. Steve hoisting Ian, so he could see a construction scene.

Slow mornings, extra time for snuggling with little sleepyheads, swimming every day for weeks, soaking up sunshine, popsicles, hours spent reading, unusually pleasant summer days and green grass, storytime at the library, playing games in the front yard, eating watermelon, schedule free days, later bedtimes, extra reading time, and meeting up with friends.

1. Boys building with the Legos our neighbor gave for Ian’s birthday 2. Friends! 3. Steve hard at work 4. Ian jumping (love how this picture feels–so happy) 5. Pax on the scaffold–I walked into the workshop and heard a quiet, “Mom, I need help.” 6. Dad the Great giving two boys a ride at once 7. A ring the boys found in our backyard after the arrest. 8. Zachary with the fantastic sandwich Kelly from Thomaston had described to him and he finally got to eat after dreaming of it for weeks 9. Street corner scene 10. The bridge we walk to the park.


[ I loved this post on moms enjoying all of summer.]

1. Pax with his cute friend Caytlyn, 2. Every summer God sends me hydrangeas across the street in a vacant lot. 3. Addition to the seating area in the front of our house. (one plant survives) 4. walking 5. Burnt apartment across the mission. 6. Zachary with Aslan 7. Atlanta skyline from I20 8. Playing at a splashpark a few miles from here, 9. A friend gave us Popsicles that these two enjoyed daily as long as they lasted.

I had thought summer would be productive and a time to teach new skills. I’d teach the boys to wash their faces every morning and comb their hair.  They would learn to fold laundry neatly, and…well, there was actually a whole list of jobs they could learn to do since I would have time to work side by side with them.  It would’ve been so good and I know I’d appreciate it during the school year.

1. Ready to head to the lake, 2. The babes and I, 3. This is what summer feels like, 4. Long naps 5. Ready for VBS, 6. First words, 7. The moonsand again. I want to be the mom who lets her children play like this daily, but I don’t want to clean this mess even weekly. 8. Street shot, 9. Having fun in 2 inches of water while waiting for the pool to be set up and drinking mint tea.

But…well, sleeping in and leisure and carefree days are not only fun, they feel like therapy after months of pushing through each day to make sure we finish everything that needs to be done. Yes, we would be glad to have more skills learned, but we’ll also be glad for the MaNy happy memories we’ve made this summer and the calm we’ve felt in spite of some crazy busy weeks.

1. Texas! 2. Sword built by Zac turned to a cross to represent Jesus 3. Summer salads 4. The corner store 5. Fun in Daddy’s workshop, 6. Afternoon quiet time is better with books and kitty 7. Skyline + sunset love, 8. Precious computer time, 9. We got to pick blueberries(!!) with a friend(!!) and she picked two gallons for us(!!)

August has taken our lives by storm and the rest of our summer will be packed.  Summer has been good, though, and I’m so glad we had time to enjoy it.

1. Walking with the family, 2. Zac 3. Zachary in his glory in the Lego piles at a homeschool convention. 4. The three boys we love, 5. Burnt apartments again 6. Poolside!! He didn’t sit for long. 7. Fan fun 8. A very rare and special date night thanks to a guest who offered to keep the boys for us!! 9. I value being able to serve healthy foods to out family

7 thoughts on “Loving Summer”

  1. Hey, Miss Christy! So great to hear your news bits, and see your lovely family! Life is an adventure, hang on for the ride! With God all is possible! Would love to see you and yours!
    Love, Sarah

  2. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to your blog! Your boys have really grown! Hope you are doing well!

  3. What a neat look at your summer! Your boys look so happy….you are a good mom. Love all the aspects you showed here; your life looks “real”. And I didn’t comment on the health update, but all I can say is “you go, girl!” For continuing the search for answers and doing the hard things. I keep thinking about doing some kind of cleanse…maybe once I get this baby weaned(and I’m in no hurry!) :)

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