On My Mind

::WHERE is my phone? ::

It’s been missing for two days and counting.  The last I remember having it is in the kitchen just before bedtime.  After that I checked on Zachary in the living room (because he was sick) and went to bed.  We’ve searched and prayed and cleaned and searched and offered $$ rewards and still it is just lost.  I lose a lot of things, so I expect it will show up sooner or later.  However, I really MISS my phone.  Also, if you’ve tried to reach me the last few days I haven’t gotten your message. [Edit: It’s been found!!]

:: Rachel came!::

A few weeks ago Steve walked into the kitchen after the end of the first week of homeschool being back in session.  It was another day of the house still being a mess when he got home, dinner not being ready, the counters being piled full of dishes, and me moving slowly trying my best to do as much as I could while putting effort into holding it together physically.  He was like, “So have you talked with Susan about when Rachel can come?”

We had talked about having someone come help us again, but I’d been doing a little better so not feeling as desperate.  When I don’t have a lot going I can do okay with getting through the basics, but add in school and guests and I was just not able to keep up.  I needed that prompt to know that I really did need help.  Thankfully it worked out for Rachel to come help with housework and childcare for a week and a half, and we are loving having her here.

Last night I walked past calm, sleeping children through a clean house, into a clean kitchen to make pizza and I thought back to that question a few weeks ago  Yup, having Rachel here has made a huge difference.

::Faithful people encourage others::

There’s a sweet, older lady at church who blesses me so much.  She shows up every Sunday with joy on her face.  She loves to talk. Sometimes it’s difficult to follow her thoughts, but the thing that’s most obvious is that she loves God and she loves people.  Last week I told her she encourages me and she said, “Yes, that’s what I want to do.  Every day I go out and I’m ready to praise Jesus.” I know sometimes older people feel as though their life work is over and they don’t have much to offer, but seeing someone offering praise even when life isn’t easy gives me courage to do the same.